10 Reasons why I LOVE UMKTG-P!

(UMKTG @ Punto Miguel Beach Resort in LAIYA, BATANGAS ^^)

1. They’re COOL. There’s nothing more to say. And it’s the type of COOl that you wouldn’t realize is ‘COOL’ unless you’re actually WITH them. That’s when you’ll start thinking ‘Oh, so this is what COOL feels like’. ^^

2. They share the same interests / ‘trip’. Well, that used to be the case, but of course after almost 3 years of friendship… some things were bound to change… They can still relate to each other most of the time though. 🙂

3. They never agree on the same stuff all the time. They all have different views and opinions about things. Some are outspoken, some are silent (but deadly) and some just go with the flow. This often sparks up a debate which turns into a slight argument– but nothing really serious. No catfights on chocolate mud or hurling of rock-hard muffins or something. XP

4. They get bigger and better. Friendship INDEED grows. First there were FOUR, and now there are, like, 12 or so…? It’s like a family that expands, a club that adds new members, or cockroach eggs that multiplies by the second…? XD As new members get added, more exciting adventures happen as well. ^^

5. There’s no need to boom your own flight, plan your own adventure or go on a solitary vacation trip somewhere. UMKTG will handle everything. From your destination up to the hotel reservations and even the food. :))) All you have to do is say, “YES, I WANT TO GO” and voila ~ next thing you know, you are on your way to one of the greatest and most exciting traveling trip ever. ^^

6. They bash each other’s idols and there’s no hard feelings. At least I think so. ^^ Bashing Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese/American idols/biases is as normal as breathing and eating for UMKTG members. They even bash their OWN idols. They say that when you love someone you have to accept them for who they are. You have to be aware of their flaws… and you have to make fun of these flaws every now and then. XD

7. There is NEVER a boring time with them. Except when they’re all fast asleep. XP They are all hilarious in their own way.  You have to fully appreciate each and everyone’s sense of humor before you get to be ‘in on the joke’.

8. They engage in healthy and serious conversations.

Here’s a typical UMKTG ‘kamote’ conversation:

Ate Tam: Ano na nga ba yung sinasabi pag nakatapak ng tae ng aso?
Anne: Ewww…?
Ate Tam: Hindi!
Celine: Beh, buti nga,,,?
Anne: …kadiri…?
Celine: Yuck…?
Ate Tam: …
Celine: Ang tanga mo naman…?


9. They can be pa-sosyal and palaboys at the same time. They’re like chameleons– put them on a black background and they’d turn black. Put them in a pink environment and they’d turn pink. ^^ They can deal with all types of people– but not too much commoners ok XD — and they can cope with any sort of situation. More to the point, they are SHAMELESS. They don’t give a damn about what others think. In Tagalog, makapal ang mga mukha. XD They are indeed SURVIVORS.

10. They are UMKTG. It’s as simple as that. They have different characters, different personalities, different status in life, different family background, different heights, different weights, different tastes in guys, different professions, different schools, different hairstyles… different biases in Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, But deep inside, they are one and the same. They are all UMKTG at heart. They are Ubiquitous Multiply Kedermek Triad Girls- Palaboys. :)))) Once a palaboy, always a palaboy.

AND YES, “KAMOTE” is the trademark UMKTG expression. Well, Celine invented it so we all adopted that. We OWN it.  XD


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