Once a KNIGHT, always a KNIGHT ~

Paul Bettany as the witty and humorous Geoffrey Chaucer

Okay, so I just watched A KNIGHT’s TALE. I know right. I’m quite a late bloomer. Hehe. It’s part of my #100 movies challenge for this year… :))) I borrowed the VCD– yes, VCD XD — from my co-teacher and watched it this afternoon…

I admit, I thought it was gonna be one of those winding, boring and too-deep-for-words historical/medieval flicks whichi will, OF COURSE, bore the hell out of me… But PAUL BETTANY changed all those presumptions. ^____^

The moment he walked into the scene– stark naked, I knew he’d be my favorite character here. He was just so freaking hilarious. And I just ❤ the Brit accent. :)))

Well, here are some lines that I definitely won’t forget…

Will: What are you doing?
NAKED PAUL BETTANY: Trudging. You know, trudging– to trudge? To trudge– the slow, weary, depressing yet determine walk of a man who has nothing left in his life except the impulse to simply soldier on. ~ A Knight’s Tale

Geoffrey: Geoffrey Chaucer’s the name, writing’s the game. Chaucer? The writer.
Wat: A what?
Geoffrey:A writer! You know I write… with ink and parchment…

“Perhaps angels have no names… only beautiful faces…” ~Will to Jocelyn <333

Will: My dearest Jocelyn… I MISS YOU…
Wat: You have to mention the breasts…
Roland: You miss the breasts…
Geoffrey: You could… but I would tend to look above her breasts…
Will: Umm… I missed her… throat…?

I enjoyed this movie in the same way that I enjoyed Braveheart, King Arthur and Robinhood. Although it was supposed to be medieval or something, there was a tinge of something modern– something I could relate to.
The song WE WILL ROCK YOU proved that. ^^ Yes, the story was kinda cliche-ish if you want to be all ‘movie critic-ish’ about it, but the characters gave life to the plot. Especially PAUL BETTANY. <333

I don’t wanna talk about Heath Ledger here… I just refuse to talk about him. RIP Heath. ~_~

Let’s end this at that. ^^


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