NOW, this is KPOP. :)

B1A4 ~ bringing back the real KPOP ^^

I’m currently listening to this new Kpop group — B1A4… I first saw the music video for their single O.K. and I found majority of the members cute… in a pedo-noona way. haha. But hey, they sound pretty cool… I mean, nothing extraordinary or groundbreaking… but their music brings back old memories of my Kpop fangirl days… It screams bubblegum pop and epitomizes the whole idea of KPOP. This is WHAT Kpop is about. ^___^ I miss listening to these cheerful and uplifting songs with melodies and beats that make me wanna bob my head and shake my butt. And those repetitive and catchy lines that sticks to your head until you start singing it subconsciously… ^^ Of course I dont’t understand what these kids are saying or implying but that’s what Kpop is all about– something you don’t understand but you still LIKE it. For me, I LOVE IT… I hope my bias Kpop groups like 2pm, Beast, Infinite, Teen Top and ZEA can go back to being KPOP… Enough with the Beastly/Darth Vader concepts guys! ~__~

And don’t get me started on Bigbang. Seriously.
OK – B1A4



  1. unlovedandunappreciated · August 3, 2011

    I LOVE Kpop its all so amazing you should listen to f(x)

    • rkocenaholic23 · August 3, 2011

      Oh yeah. I like F(x) too! I love Nu ABO 😀 Thanks for the comment ^^

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