Exactly my thoughts. ^^

Ok. So I’m not a BIG fan of Park Bom… I used to think she ROCKS because she can belt out any tune with such little effort… But when she became a part of 2NE1… something changed. Well… it’s not just about her voice quality… It’s more like her FACE totally changed. She got surgery… I think botox… and some lip plumping thingy… There was a time when just looking at her is too painful… I don’t know what’s wrong with her face, but there was DEFINITELY something WRONG.
-__- It’ s like she couldn’t open her mouth properly or something… ANYWAY, she went solo with YOU AND I a few months back and I totally loved it. I though, WOW… I never thought I’d love her voice again. ๐Ÿ™‚

ย The song really fits her vocal range. It brought out the best of her singing skills without overdoing it or something. Although her voice’s distinctive sound– the belt-it-out-ear-piercing-sort-of-iffy sound that only she can create XD —ย  I don’t get tired of hearing it… Unlike with other singersย whose voices are amazing/ awesome but you get tired (or irked) easily if you hear it often…

Now, Park Bom is back with Don’t Cry– another sure hit produced by the one and only TEDDY of 1TYM. The moment I heard it I was like WOAH! It’s very catchy and it has that TRADEMARK Bom sound… I can’t explain it but it’s the right song for the right voice and the right image (that she portrays… )^^ It’s just PERFECT for her. Teddy boy indeed knows who can sing his composition BEST. :))) I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love the other 2NE1 members, although they’re getting OUT OF REACH nowadays because of some stupid YG rule or law or whatever.. ANYWAY, they can all sing… well, except for Dara… *lols* BUT Bom is the only one who can belt out this tune. That’s for sure. ^___^

I just love the mix of her ear-piercing vocals with the beautiful and upbeat melody and the lovely beats. I bet they lyrics are good too. But I haven’t googled it yet.

This review by allkpop shared my views about this wonderful song. ^^ http://www.allkpop.com/2011/05/review-dont-cry-by-park-bom

And of course, here’s the song… I prefer the ACOUSTIC version. โค



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