My Back Page / マイ・バック・ページ (via a page of madness)

I just watched Satoshi’s award-winning film VILLAIN and I’m so looking forward to see him in another one! This guy is definitely not just ‘exceptionally handsome’ –as THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: Tokyo Drift credited him… He is one of the most talented and diverse actor in Japan today. 🙂 Another reason to watch out for this film is MatsuKen of course. Another guy who only accepts, for want of a better word, ‘weird/strange’ roles… which kinda reminds me of the king of weird roles himself– Johnny Depp. ^^ The plot seemed quite interesting so I’ll be looking forward to this. 🙂

My Back Page / マイ・バック・ページ Matsuken (AKA Kenichi Matsuyama) makes a second high profile appearance in as many years as a 60s/70s generation 20-something in My Back Page. Unlike Toru, the uncommitted protagonist of Norwegian Wood, here he gets to stretch his actor’s chops in a complex manifestation of a driven student radical, Umeyama. Based on the real life remembrances of critic Saburo Kawamoto, director Nobuhiro Yamashita (Linda, Linda, Linda) cast another rising star/he … Read More

via a page of madness


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