Today is so NOT my day -.-

Excuse my Ilocano-English-Korean. AY APO THIS UBING TALAGA! Anyamet this kid. 어이쿠… 이런 자식!!! I can’t even…!!! ~__~


Just finished teaching English to this 9-year-old Taiwanese kid who obviously thinks he’s so much better than everyone else. >_< He is usually okay– not really a good follower or student but he is “tolerable”. But TODAY he was just so fucking annoying, irritating, irking and I just can’t even think of anything other -ing word!!! >_<

He was not listening, he was not reading, he didn’t response –well, he did sometimes but it’d take him like FOREVER to do so– and he was very impolite. The problem really lies with the parents here. WHY THE HECK would you force your YOUNG KID to study English with foreigners– strangers — people they barely know— people they don’t even get to see — for like TWO FREAKING HOURS STRAIGHT???  Even I would get bored and sleepy and annoyed. DAMMIT. ~_~ Yes, it’s necessary, I know that. I know how important education is blah blah blah. But WTF, this kid was obviously pissed off at me and I was just doing my freaking job. T_T Why oh why?

And then this morning… one of my co-teachers were absent. So I substituted for her class. My dumb supervisor gave me a substitute class right before my ‘marathon’ class (straight classes, no breaks, not even a minute ^^) which means I have to make sure that I call on time so that I won’t be late in other classes. So in my confusion and hurry, I dialed the wrong number… NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. >_< GDI. That’s a serious violation in my company. ~__~ So I kinda wondered why a guy answered the call and insisted that he ‘doesn’t speak English’ –when he was clearly SPEAKING IN ENGLISH… -.- IDEK. Anyway. It’s one thin to get the number wrong ONCE… but TWICE? DEMMIT. I received a freakin’ memo for that. T_T

Foggy Baguio... it's been a WEEK! -.-

Prior to that… the RAIN pissed me off big time. It’s been raining nonstop in my city for like more than a week now due to this stupid typhoon that won’t go away… But lately the sun’s been shining and the fog was gone this morning… BUT just when I was about to buy some food this morning– there was a HEAVY downpour which soaked the lower part of my pants and my shoes. -.- THEN, when I took shelter for a while at the store, it turned to a slight drizzle…

Rain rain go away~~~ GTFA!!!

However, the moment I stepped out and made my way back to the office, it started raining heavily again! It was like, the rain was PURPOSELY trying to get on my nerves!!! I swear! >_<

The ONLY thing that made me happy today was the fact that I got my salary today. That’s it. FML!!!

My own four-leaf clover... yum!

Oh and I found this “lucky” heart-shaped CORNFLAKES while munching on my box of cornflakes. XD It was supposed to be my four-leaf clover! >_< But it’s cute anyway…



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