~Under the Music Radar~

MYNAME ~ Message

MYNAME – Message

Despite the VERY Korean way of saying MESSAGE all throughout this song (ME-SI-JI), I still found it cute and tolerable. You know me, I just love POP. Dirty pop. XD

There’s nothing really special about the song — it’s traditional KPOP from roots to tips. Haha. It’s just that I found it very catchy from the minute the song started… which IS something —in my case… Since I’m not that EASY to please nowadays. 😀 I got my groove on and I almost want to dance to this song. Of course I have a fave member— Saeyong- the red hair rapper/dancer ~ Love his RIGIDING-RIGIDONG parts 😀

I think these boys are okay but I’m NOT in the mood to pay full attention to any newbies or rookies right now… I stopped with Block B and B1A4. -.- I just like the song. That’s it. 😀 Now go listen if you wanna know why. 😀

Here’s a perf @ Inkigayo


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