If you were a flavor, what would you be?

I’d say chocolate— coz I love it– but that’s NOT really my personality. ^^

I think I’m more of a mint.

Nobody likes it that much. Nobody wants it by itself. You’d want to mix it with chocolate or strawberry or other flavors to limit the strong taste. Yeah, I’m like mint. I can be strong but I can be weak when mixed with other flavors. I can stand alone but I can be with others too. I have that sort of ‘lasting effect’ on people– in the same way that you can still feel the “minty” taste in your mouth and your breath. I can freshen up the mood with my vibrant and easygoing personality too. Most importantly, I think mint can be found in all sorts of food, snack, drinks, etc. So yeah, that’s me. I am flexible. You can put me anywhere and I can adapt easily. ^^


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