It’s always SUNNY somewhere in the world. :D

Sunny [2011] – Korean Movie


A story of friendship, love, family and LIFE in general. This movie moved me so much. I won’t be able to get over the emotions and memories it conjured. T__T As someone who sucks at staying friends with (or more like keeping in touch with) my friends back from school and the neighborhoods I’ve left long ago, this movie certainly touched a nerve. It has a coming-of-age plot focusing on a group of friends who met when they were teenagers trying to get through junior high. It implies the restlessness of youth and implies different facets of a typical junior high student.


There’s the “queen bee” – which in Korea pretty much refers to the “best bully” or the “best fighter” in her year. Chunhwa, played by Kang Sora, was the leader and the one who took interest in the protagonist of the story — Shim Eunkyung played the shy, heavily-accented, transfer-student-from-the-province, Nami. Nami avoided getting bullied thanks to Chunhwa and her friends. Geum-ok is the bookish and studious one. She’s in-charge of buying them bread at lunch time. Timid and cool Suji, played by the equally gorgeous Min Hyorin, is the ‘face’ of the group. She didn’t like the idea of Nami joining their little group just like that. Bok-hee has the looks and the confidence to be what she always wanted to be — a beauty queen. NEVER touch her hair though. XD Nothing good ever comes out of Jin-hee’s mouth. She’s very frank and she ends her sentences not with a period, but with a foul swear word. Then there’s chubby and homely Jangmi who is sort of like the “Vice-leader”. She’s good in fighting too. These group of friends call themselves “SUNNY”.

They had fun through the good times and comforted each other through the bad times. They laughed, cried, fought, sung, and danced. I like how the simple yet tragic lives of these teenagers were emphasized and sprinkled with  a twist of comedy. An incident happened during their school festival, where they were supposed to perform their sing and dance number, and it left a scar so deep (no pun intended) in their friendship…

Fast forward to 25 years later…

The grownup Nami is living what seemed to be the ‘perfect’ life. She’s rich and she has a beautiful family. But her daughter won’t talk to her and her husband never stays at home for more than a day. She started living a double life when she met Chunhwa in a hospital. She has cancer and she’s not gonna last that long. This drove Nami to search for the members of SUNNY. It was not that easy but she was able to pull it off. One by one, she witnessed what had become of each of them. She didn’t realize that she was in for a rude awakening. She always thought her life was so-so but upon seeing her friends, she felt lucky. I like how the movie went back and forth from past to present. It was very nostalgic and a bit creative. Plus, the setting of the movie and the background music made it even more exciting and makes you remember the ‘past’ regardless of your generation.


I especially liked the romantic tension between Nami, Junho (played by Kim Shihoo <3) and Suji. I think it’s one of the highlights of their teenage years. It added color and zest to the plot. It made me look back to those ‘moments’ as well. The feeling of butterflies in your stomach, the stolen glances, the can’t-sleep-at-night-thinking-of-him-all-day scenarios and of course the HEARTBREAKING moment when you realized he likes YOUR friend. T___T

The movie gave my heartstrings a bittersweet tug and a sentimental feeling overwhelmed me. Sure, it’s nothing new. There was nothing spectacular about the story. But what made me love it even more is the fact that it showed ME — my life as a teenager and maybe my ‘future’ in its simplicity and accuracy. I think a lot of people can relate to this movie well. We all went through what the girls experienced here. We all felt their emotions. We all uttered the words that came out of their mouths. It was an effortless and genuine display of our lives. Or what is to become of (most of) us.

I felt terrified upon seeing what happened to most of them. Even the one who studied hard, worked hard and the one who was full of ambitions unexpectedly tripped and stumbled somewhere along the way. It only goes to show that what happens to your future depends on YOU. You decided. It is not predetermined for you. Even the smartest kid in school can end up  in a miserable state; the prettiest girl in school may not be able to get into a good relationship. The richest kid may end up in helpless and unhappy in a hospital bed. Thinking about that sent shivers down my spine. That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now. I felt like I’ve wasted too much time on trivial things before and I didn’t focus on my life’s goals… so here I am. *sigh* Sunny not only brought back the good and bad memories, it also dwells on what’s ahead of us — the unknown, the things we don’t want to deal with and the things we are dealing with right now.


This is definitely a movie I’d recommend to my elementary and highschool friends. AND I’d watch it with them if I could. 😀 I wasn’t able to remember the lines in the movie well but there was this one that really got to me. It was in Chunhwa’s letter, after she died, she told her friends something like “Those of us who became successful, don’t you dare ignore us or look down on us. Those who didn’t get lucky in life, don’t you dare hide from us or be ashamed of what you are.” Yeah. Something like that. Pretty self-explanatory. 😀

RATING: 4.5 stars out of 5.


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