~All I want for Christmas is… NOT YOU… but THESE stuff.~

It’s DECEMBER~ I’ve been waiting for this all year. I dunno why but December has always been a special and exciting month for me. Not just coz of Christmas… There’s just something about the jolly and festive mood that lifts me up and makes everything fine. 😀 So, what’s December without my annual Christmas LIST WISH? XD Yeah. So here it goes. Wishing a secret santa out there will grant any (or maybe MOST) of them. Haha.

1. JYJ Worldwide Concert In Seoul (5DVD + 6 Photobooks) (Limited Edition) (Korea Version)

The MOST expensive on my wish list. T_T

 2. Red Chuck Taylors

Red Chucks. Been wanting this FOREVER.

 3.  Korean tin cooking pot. ^^

These cute Korean tin cooking pot are my MUST-HAVES right now. 😀

 4. Pink Hello Kitty Fuji Instax Mini 7S Polaroid

I've been wanting a POLAROID camera ever since... I don't know when! >_<

 5.  Ugg Boots~ T___T Me wants! 

Me wants some UGGS! I know we have NO SNOW here but STILL! They're fashionable!

6. FTISLAND Summer Final Messenger Tour 2011 at BUDOKAN – probably the HIGHLIGHT of their career in Japan.

FTISLAND's concerts are always fun, exciting and worth it to watch. They sing LIVE, they play their instruments and they totally ROCK. 😀

 7. CNBLUE Special DVD

CNBLUE - another band that is definitely WORTH all the money. Live music ROCKS!

8. Jersey Jackets ~ fashionable and COOL ~

I live in a city where the weather is ALWAYS COLD... so jersey jacket is a MUST-HAVE. 😀

9.  Gotta have these red keds. 😀

RED KEDS. Yeah, I am obsessed with RED shoes right now. ^^

10.  Another addiction: Dark Chocolate. 😀

Life's SIMPLEST pleasure. And probably the CHEAPEST in this list. Haha.

 So there… any takers? Secret Santa? Donations? ANYTHING? Hahaha. 😀 


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