~Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick~

I thought this book was safe from the “BELLA CURSE” a.k.a. the infuriatingly annoying female character curse. Turns out it wasn’t. I wasn’t even halfway through the book when I started thinking… “What the heck happened here???” Hush hush was such an amazing book, with almost realistic and like-able characters. But this follow-up just screwed up most of the reality that I want.









Okay, so I can understand how unstable and emotional girls can be… but REALLY??? Like, REALLY? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t THAT moody. And that’s saying something because I’m extremely MOODY. The story’s interesting alright. It’s a page-turner and most of the revelations were pretty much mind-boggling. But there were more irritating and ‘skip-able’ parts here and there. It makes it almost unbearable to continue to the next chapter.


It makes me sad to see Nora transform into this Bella-ish character who cannot make up her mind and who’s becoming more and more self-centered. First she loves Patch, then she hates him. Next thing we know she breaks up with him, then she wants him back, then she pushes him away, then she tries to get his attention, then she ignores him, then she craves for his kisses & hugs, then when he comes knocking on her door, she literally kicks him out. What.the.heck. Nobody changes their mind THAT often. She’s like a whirlpool of emotions. It made the story draggy and almost too intolerable to peruse. I couldn’t understand why she lets her pride and emotions get in the way ALL THE TIME. Once or twice is okay, but, really, ALL THE TIME??? I almost feel bad for Patch even though he did have his ‘cold-hearted jerk’ moments. But I honestly believe there was a reason for everything, with him dating Marcie and being secretive and all that. I just couldn’t quite put my finger to it.


That’s probably the only reason I continued reading this book. It sparked up my curiosity. I keep on thinking about the possibilities but it was too difficult for me to keep on guessing. The author made a great job of hiding the facts in plain view and yet… making it seem like there’s more to it than that. I never would’ve guessed what happened in the end. I kept on visualizing a different ending. NOW I really have to read the next book ASAP to avoid getting confused with the facts and info and reviewing the story all over again.


All in all, it was a fun and exciting read. Mostly because of the hilarious & bubbly BFF, Vee and the HOT, bad dude, ย Nephillim Scott Parnell. ๐Ÿ˜€


I’d give it three out of five stars though since I didn’t quite enjoy the whiny, oh-woeful-me, attention-seeking lead character.


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