I.S. ~ Not a girl, not quite a boy ~

Finished watching the Japanese melodrama “I.S.~ Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei” after being stuck on episode 6.

At first the drama sparked up my interest – just like how every other Japanese dramas with quirky and out-of-this-world plots do. Who ever said you cannot learn anything from watching dramas? Japanese dramas taught me a lot about the eccentricities and the realities of our society. It touches on sensitive subjects which are unspoken of, seemingly unrealistic and just plain preposterous at time. it makes you question the society that you live in right now. I guess everyone is familiar with that disease from ONE LITER OF TEARS. It really moved me so much and it taught me how to treasure my life and the people around me.

Same thing with I.S. The underlying matter here is the fact that people who deviate from the society’s definition of ‘normal’, are often shunned and humiliated. Even by their own friends and families. The only difference of the I.S. people from homosexuals or bisexuals is the fact that it wasn’t a CHOICE. They were born with this rare disease. They did not ask for it, they did not want it. But they accepted it.

The story was kinda draggy and too melodrama for me though. Even though it wasn’t that complicated at first. There were some unnecessary “overly dramatic” scenes. I guess I’m not used to watching such heartbreaking dramas anymore.

But as I continued watching it, this dude Irie Jingi – who played Hoshino’s (Fukuda Saki) childhood BFF and Miwako’s (Gouriki Ayame) relentless admirer — just made me look forward to every episode. He was such an adorable dork here. 😀 I couldn’t stop liking this guy’s personality. He accepted the fact that his bestfriend and his ‘girlfriend’ are both I.S. He was always cheerful, easygoing and seemingly stupid but he’s reliable and a real gentleman. ^^

The story’s twist came as a shock since I wasn’t really paying that much attention to that minor detail. ^^;; But it was great and it was very compelling.

Before, whenever I see girls dressing up in a boyish way or boys who look too pretty (if you dress them up as girls) the word that comes to my mind was “GAY or LESBO”. But NOW… I think about I.S.

I think what I learned here is the fact that people can be harshly judgmental. They see you wearing the wrong clothes at the wrong time and they judge you. They see you wearing simple & ordinary clothes and they judge you. They see you NOT wearing any clothes… and, well, of course, they’d judge you. LOL. Seriously, if everyone tries to live by the rules and follow the society’s standard, we’d all go jump off a cliff by now. -.-

Moving on, the thing about this drama is it showed how one disease or condition can make or break a relationship. It brings the family together but it can also break friendships (an other relationships) apart. It gives us courage but we start to lose hope at one point too.

I still like ONE LITER OF TEARS better, but this drama moved me… a bit. It was touching and it made me realize the importance of some things.

Not highly recommended, but if you want a ‘feel-good/sob-story’ drama, then this one’s for you.


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