Turned Silver Today.

Saying “Happy Birthday” is so overrated. Even if you say it in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Danish, Russian or some other godbeknown language out there, it is STILL not unique enough. At least that’s what I think. ^^

I’ve been dreading this day ever since I found out about what this number signifies. Yes. I turned silver today. No, stupid, not literally. I’m officially 25 years old. Gosh. How did that happen? When did that happen? And more importantly, and I quote Zayn Malik of ONE DIRECTION, “VAS HAPPENIN’???” LOL.

This is definitely a milestone in my life. I don’t know what to expect… what to change… what to improve… ย what to say… what to wear… what to do with my hair. In short, I have no idea what a young lady who just reached the ‘marrying age’ – for the conservative types – is supposed to do. Or what others expect her to be.

I admit I’m still a bit childish, immature, sensitive, exuberant, annoyingly loud, moody, clumsy, and choosy (when it comes to guys). So I guess I probably need to change some of these and turn into a more mature, admirable and classy young woman.

Nahhh…. I don’t think so. Haha. I like the way I am. No matter how cliche-ish that sounds. I just hate my uber wide hips. And my flabby arms. And my pimply face. And my dry hair. Other than that, I really love ME. ๐Ÿ˜€

I didn’t really set any goals for myself back when I was in high school. I just live for the moment. I go with the flow and I do what I want. Most of my decisions are impromptu. That’s prolly why my life’s a mess. But I like it. I wouldn’t change anything even if I could… Okay, except for the aforementioned ‘hideous parts of my body’. XD

Some of my friends have been telling me to get a boyfriend or something. Yeah, I know. I’m too old to have a boyfriend. I should be married now. All my flirt 18-year-old cousins are married now and they are like happily making babies somewhere. I’m being left out here. I don’t know I always blame it to my slightly anti-social, slightly introverted attitude. I tend to just hang out with my girl friends and I don’t like being in crowded places where a potential boyfriend might lurk around and jump right in front of me. Yeah right.

Sometimes I blame it on my being choosy. No, I’m not that pretty to wish for an attractive, cool, super popular-type boyfriend with Taylor Lautner’s yummy body, Chris Hemsworth’s tantalizing eyes and deep voice, and Josh Hartnett’s charm. I do fangirl over these attractive, god-looking guys but I don’t really want them as my boyfriend. My self-esteem could not afford someone more good-looking than me. But of course, I prefer someone I can look into the eyes without needing to hold in my laughter. ๐Ÿ˜€

Another factor perhaps, is the fact that I’m not yet emotionally (and perhaps financially) ready for any sort of relationship right now. I’m just adjusting to my independent life in a city thousand miles away from my family. I’m barely surviving with my three part time jobs and all those bills I have to pay keep on piling up. I couldn’t afford to spend money on someone besides myself now. XD In short, I’m too selfish to be in love with anyone right now. Does that make sense? Oh well.

To end this miserable blog about my miserable silver-turning-ceremony, I want to state some of my ‘hopes’ now that I’m TWENTY-FIVE~

1. Go clubbing, meet someone and… well, yeah, just talk…? Haha.

2. Learn how to drive.

3. Save enough money to travel abroad.ย 

So yeah, a boyfriend is the last thing I needed right now. I’m enjoying my life and I just hope… I won’t see another gray hair or a wrinkle… or else I’d probably flip. XD


One comment

  1. Isidora Torres · February 1, 2012

    everyone loves a silver fox anyways! Happy belated!

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