The WICKED-est musical ever!

“Everyone deserves a chance to FLY~

And if I’m flyin’ SOLO,

At least I’m flyin’ FREE…”


Not only was watching the popular Broadway musicalWICKED’ a dream come true for me, it was also one of the BEST decisions I’ve made (so far). This spectacular musical is definitely a must-see. People who missed seeing this should be ashamed of themselves. ^^

I really don’t think I can make a proper ‘review’ of Wicked. I think it would be blasphemous to do so especially since I missed 20 minutes of the show… L Yes, I can’t brag about watching the musical in its ENTIRETY. I watched it back when I was in Singapore and due to a series of “unfortunate events” a.k.a. my crappy sense of direction; I was late for the show.

ANYWAY. Right from the start – or at least the scene that I was able to catch – I was already awed by the grandeur of the stage – with all those props, set design, lighting and the characters’ fancy costumes. Galinda/Glinda’s voice was irritatingly cheerful and perky. She had that typically high-pitched voice that would make you want to pinch her or something. My seat was soooooo far away from the stage so I couldn’t really describe any of the characters properly. It was disadvantageous whenever there was a moment wherein they had to use facial expressions or gestures to convey their emotions – I couldn’t see it so I had no idea what’s going on. I just sort of laughed along with the crowd. Hehe. But other than that, it was not that bad watching it from afar. The voice quality was amazing and the music was just lovely.


Elphaba/Elphie was such an out of this world character. Whoever thought of her was so clever. I think, in essence, most of us can see Elphaba within us. We all know her story. The one who doesn’t conform to the society, the one who looks, talks or acts differently, the one who doesn’t have that many friends, the one who dresses weirdly – that one person who is considered an outcast just because she IS different. This musical showed us how the society deals with people like Elphaba. It tackles the underlying issue of ‘beauty’ and popularity – how people treat someone who doesn’t have blonde hair, fair skin and pretty face. Let’s face it our society and the world that we live in, in general, created this ‘concept’ of what is beautiful and what is not. Going against it would make you a non-conformist and probably an outcast. Glinda is the pretty and popular one just because Elphaba is green and well, yeah, she’s just so green and eccentric.

What I love about this musical is the fact that every scene is just as amazing as the next one. There is never a dull or boring moment even when it comes to the supporting characters’ ‘time to shine’. Moreover, the story is simply wonderful. I love how it divulges the ‘prequel’ of the Wizard of Oz – a story that I’ve come to love ever since I was a kid. The fact that it tells the other side of the story and how some of the characters came about – like the scarecrow, the tin man and the cowardly lion, makes it even more compelling! It did not just focus on the story of rivalry and friendship between Glinda and Elphaba, it also tackles various aspects of their lives – their school, family and love lives. Fiyero was such an amusing character and so was Boq – the munchkin boy. ^^ I also like Nessarose’s addition to the cast because she humanizes Elphaba in more ways than one. As her weak and disabled sister, she creates a soft spot in Elphaba’s heart and incites empathy as well. The fact that she is connected to Dorothy’s mysterious red dancing shoes was such a pleasant revelation as well.

Each character in this critically acclaimed musical is as likeable and memorable as the others. It would pull you closer to the edge of your seat and leave you breathless. The performance level of the actors was so high and the overflow of emotions was simply overwhelming.

My favorite song was, of course, Defying Gravity. I just love how apt this song is to Elphaba’s ‘breakthrough’ moment. That performance gave me goose bumps and I cried. Well, not really CRY as in sobbing hysterically. Tears just started falling out of my eyes and I couldn’t control it. It was such an awe-inspiring moment and it made me so emotional. Fiyero’s “Dancing through life” number is my second fave. The lyrics speak the truth and I could so totally relate to it. His heart-melting voice was a plus, of course. ^^ Third would be Glinda’s “Popular”. I find myself singing this over and over in my head. I just love her iffy and high-pitched voice and the song symbolizes the start of Elphie and Glinda’s friendship.

One scene that I wouldn’t forget, aside from the Defying Gravity moment, was when Elphie made the red shoes for her sister Nessa. It was such a beautiful but heartbreaking moment. A dialogue that made an impact on me was one of the hilarious ones and it goes something like this:

Glinda to Elphie: Fiyero has been thinking lately… and that got me worried.

Fiyero to Elphie: I’ve been thinking lately…

Elphie: *sarcastic & flat tone* Yes. I’ve heard.

I also like how free-spirited and sometimes a bit dumb Glinda seems to be. She likes inventing new words like when Elphaba said something rude to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz; she was like “She didn’t mean any disrespectation…” I kinda imagined Ashley Tisdale playing this part, actually. ^^

I’m over the moon that the first ever musical I’ve seen in my life is not just the best but the most extraordinary and wicked-est ever. Everything about is simply spellbinding and completely riveting. I would watch this musical more than once if I could. Next time I’ll make sure to sit near the stage of course, to enjoy it even more than I already did. ^^

^ My ticket~ 

A short synopsis for those who have no idea what I’m ranting about here. ^^

Wicked The Musical, takes you through the life journey of two girls (witches).One is born with the emerald green skin, is smart but hugely misunderstood. Other is beautiful, determined and appreciated by all. The two had extremely opposite personalities yet become friends. They ended up having a Love-hate relationship while living together as college roommates. The story of the musical is based on bestselling novel by George Maguire and is a re-imaging of classic story by L Frank Baum “The wonderful wizard of Oz”. It takes you through the land of OZ from the perspective of a Wicked Witch. How she finds the world around her, people’s reactions interpreted by the person who is dejected by all and the way she deals with everything. ~ source:

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