Which is better…?

The things you find on Google is just so amusing and hilarious at the same time. ^^ Whenever I’m bored at the office (which is like 40% of the time) Mr. Google is my BFF. I just type in whatever – from famous Hollywood celebs to latest hit songs to YouTube sensations to Kpop idols to Asian dramas and movies and my boredom goes bye-bye. Although I mostly search for interesting news,ย the things I ‘accidentally’ stumble upon were either helpful enough OR simply amazing. Some were witty while others were just plan stupid.

For instance, the other day I was just curious about the US TV series “The Big Bang Theory” so I wanted to know if it’s better than How I met your mother (coz I’m watching the latter religiously). The moment I type “which is better” on the Google search box, a dropdown list of “which is better” questions appeared. It was just so amusing that I clicked every one of them. I found something about oxycodoneย and I never really knew what that is until then. It was quite interesting. There are also questions like “Which is better left brain or right brain?”, “Which is better running on treadmill or running outside?” and even something about cuttleburg or big shot. I swear some were as ridiculous as tide or purex and some were just too obvious like tiles or marble.

I think the thing about asking ‘which is better’ between two things is that people have different opinions about different things. It’s not like we all agree on the same thing. Our thoughts about these concepts and ideas are affected (either directly or indirectly) by certain factors. But of course it’s still fun to browse through these ‘which is better’ questions. If it was me, I would come up with loads of ‘which is better’ questions of my own too and I’d so be looking forward to the random answers I’d get. ^^ Now that’s a great way to ease my boredom at work. LOL.


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