It’s raining cats and dogs… thunder-ing & lightning like crazy at 5 freakin’ AM here in my city… but I’m SO HAPPY.

Like really, I’ve never felt this happyย before. TOO MUCH HAPPY. ^_____________^ I’m not religious but I need to say this… Thank you God for the blessings… ๐Ÿ˜€

So what am I so freakin’ excited and ecstatic and extremely happy about??? Well, I had this ODesk project two weeks ago. I wrote a script for a ‘chatbot’ and it was for a competition in the U.K. The employer who hired me was very satisfied with my work. ๐Ÿ™‚ So he paid me a hefty amount for my work. Now, the competition is over and my employer e-mailed me saying that his chatbot WON!!! Here’s the link, and he got the first prize!!! LIKE WOAH! 0_o

What’s more, my employer was just so nice and kindhearted and heaven sent… He said he will send me a bonus moneyย as a ‘THANK YOU’ for helping him win~ Awww… There are still good people in this world. ^^

I cannot contain my emotions right now so here’s how I feel…



  1. Neural Outlet.. · May 16, 2012

    You helped someone win the Loebner Prize!? That’s pretty darned amazing!! :O

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