The Mortal Instruments Movie ~ The MOST perfect cast ~

The Mortal Instruments Movie cast is the most perfect cast ever!!!

So it’s been a while since I blogged here. Kinda busy with all the Korean, Japanese and American dramas and movies I’m watching, reading books, Tumblr-ing and of course, my job. -.-

BUT, what’s got me sooooo freakin’ excited these days was the fact that the cast of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS MOVIE IS NOW COMPLETE. And I can only say ONE THING- it’s FUCKIN’ PERFECT! This is the MOST perfect casting of a book adaptation ever since Harry Potter! I swear! I was a bit disappointed with the casting of my OTHER fave book – BEAUTIFUL CREATURES… so I was so over the moon when I found out the official cast for The Mortal Instruments movie.

First we have Lily Collins as Clary Fray.


Well, typical. I mean, she’s been getting loads of project left and right nowadays. I like the girl. She can act. And I bet she’ll do Clary justice. The thing is… there are rumors about her and Jace Wayland actor – JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER. That made me want to strangle her. >_< Of course it’s just a rumor… but she’s been known to… you know, date almost all of her leading guys… But… but… I’m a big Jamie-Bonnie fan… T_T


Next is of course the lovely and sexy Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland. He’s perfect. Period. The blonde hair, golden eyes, well-built body, height and that adorable-mischievous smirk~ Although there were some fans insisting Alex Pettyfer, I think it’s about time we all move on from that guy. He’s MAGIC MIKE material now. ^^



Then the BFF slash unofficial other guy – Simon Lewis which will come to life in the form of Robert Sheehan! Now this was also almost perfect. I had a hard time imagining Simon- ย physically. I mean, I can imagine what a nerd or geek he is based on his personality… but I couldn’t imagine anything beyond that. So when I found out it was Robert, I was like, OH YEAH… he’s gonna do great! He has that geek-band-member-smart-ass-sarcastic-prick look. ^^



The most PRECIOUS among all the characters and the one that made me scream my lungs out when I found out who’s the actor playing him… MAGNUS BANE. Hottie Asian supermodel/actor Godfrey Gao is Magnus Bane. At first I Googled him coz I had no idea who he was and I was really looking forward to who’s gonna be playing Magnus coz he’s a very unique and fun character to read… Then I found out it was this gorgeous, sexy, goddamn HOT supermodel actor!!! And he’s ASIAN, which is perfect coz that’s how Magnus is supposed to be. ๐Ÿ˜€




And if there’s Magnus Bane of course what’s next is Alec Lightwood. I didn’t really care that much for Alec but when I started on City of Ashes, I got so obsessed with the Alec-Magnus couple… *wink wink* So when I found out that Kevin Zegers was confirmed to play ย Alec, I was like O_O. Seriously?! I hyperventilated so much I thought I was gonna die!!! Shit. KEVIN EFFING ZEGERS – those bluer than blue eyes, boyish smile and perfect face??? DAMN! Okay… *breathes in* It’s just... Kevin Zegers + Godfrey Gao = ย I CANNOT.




There’s Alec’s hot, strong and a bit bitchy sister Isabelle Lightwood. The actress playing her, Jemima West, is… well, I dunno anything about her except she’s French. But damn she’s pretty and she can totally play Izzy. I can so imagine her. ๐Ÿ˜€



Then there’s Clary’s mother – Jocelyn Fray, played by Lena Headey. Well, I didn’t really anticipate this character that much. I mean, she was gone for like most of the book… so yeah… but I imagined her to look just like Clary, of course. XD Pretty much like Harry Potter looks just like his father. ๐Ÿ˜€



And then there’s one of my favorite character – Lucian Graymark. Hottie Aidan Turner will give life to this character and I couldn’t be happier. ^^I love this character. He reminds me so much of Lupin and Sirius from Harry Potter. ^^ I didn’t imagine him to be THIS hot… so that’s ย a ย PLUS.



Last but not the least is of course, the evil guy – Valentine Morgenstern. I recently found out that another drop-dead gorgeous guy with those deep, bluer than blue eyes, will be playing this character. *DRUMROLL* Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!! *insert fangirl shriek here* OMG OMG OMG! I cannot! I cannot! Gosh. I didn’t see this one coming. I always thought Valentine should be hot and gorgeous but JRM is like WOAH!!!




AND that concludes the MOST PERFECT MOVIE CAST in a book to movie adaptation. I rest my case. Now I’m gonna wait patiently for this. It’s rumored to be out on August 2013… T___T



  1. Brett Simpson · September 1, 2012

    Hi Keep up with the outstanding posts. Thanks

  2. Emily · September 10, 2012

    I love the whole cast tbh but I wish Jamies hair was cut like it is in the 2nd picture then id be rootin 4 him 100%. lol zzzz yeah so I love everybody haha

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