[Review] The Selection by Kiera Cass


It was such an enjoyable read! I’m so glad I read this. So the whole thing about this being a ‘Hunger Games meets The Bachelor’ story is a bit ridiculous. Okay, I didn’t really read the former or watch the latter but I know a bit about their ‘plot’. The Selection IS futuristic and dystopic like The Hunger Games but I certainly didn’t feel like the girls are fighting each other to death. There was no brutal or morbid competition. It wasn’t like the Japanese movieBattle Royal‘ too. It was more like ‘The Bachelor: Prince Edition’. LOL. 


I loved how the writer depicted each character flawlessly into the plot without giving me a headache. You can actually imagine them – how they look, how they move, speak and act. Everything is so vivid and creative. The dialogues are so enjoyable to read and America Singer is now my favorite book heroine. 🙂 I just love her despite her flaws and inadequacy. She is as real as anyone could get. I think if I was in her position, I would’ve done the same things.


^ So these are supposed to play America and Maxon… hmm… fair enough. 🙂


I didn’t really get all gushy and mushy over Prince Maxon at first. I think it’s mainly coz I’ve been shipping Aspen and America right from the start. Aspen might be self-pitying jerk who’s a bit of a coward and doesn’t know what he wants, but I like that about him. It makes him more human to me. Prince Maxon, on the other hand, is a bit… I dunno, something else. I just don’t believe in his character. I mean, the writer did a great job in creating this character… but he’s not someone I would like to meet or get acquainted with. Honestly, I dunno why.


Moreover, when I found out that there was SUPPOSED to be a TV series based on this, I immediately Googled the rumored cast. I kinda got obsessed imagining Colton Haynes as Aspen Leger… And I’ve always thought, based on the description, that Aspen is supposed to be MORE HANDSOME than Prince Maxon. So yeah. I’m on Team Aspen. I’m sorry. There, I’ve said it. I just can’t seem to sympathize with Prince Maxon. So, okay, the guy’s not an arrogant, stuck-up jerk – like every other hero in YA novels nowadays. But still… I like Aspen more. ^^


^ Those bluer than blue eyes… COME ON! He is the perfect ASPEN LEGER! (Okay, so Aspen’s eyes are GREEN. SO WHAT? XD)


The endingwas a bit… lacking for me. I dunno but after reading it, I was like, “Oh, that’s it?” I mean, I would’ve expected something TERRIFIC or TERRIBLE happening at the end to make me wanna rush and get the next book ASAP. It was just… too simple. Maybe that’s what the writer wanted so I’ll let it be.



All in all, I LOVE THIS BOOK so much! It’s not over-the-top or mind-boggling or anything like that; if anything, it’s just a simple cliche-ish love story between a Prince and a commoner. But the simplicity of it all plus the likability of the characters made it such a worthy read.

Kiera Cass is now one of my FAVORITE authors. 🙂



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