[Review] Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

This book has the most realistic characters ever. I like how imperfect Eleanor and Park are individually, and yet they are so perfect for each other. From the start, I already got so hooked that I kept on reading when I should be doing other things – like eating or sleeping. LOL. I just couldn’t get enough of them! I wanted to know what would happen next. It’s like every chapter is a cliff-hanger so you have to turn the next page immediately coz you’re dying to find out more.


Actually, I could relate a bit to their love story. And I think everyone could. We all had that cute, innocent, young love back then. That boy that sits next to you or in front of you in class. Or, in my case, that boy who rode the same tricycle service as me back in elementary. That boy who lives in your neighborhood and steals glances at you as you pass him by. That boy who would pass a letter for you to your little brother… It was the kind of love that alerts the butterflies in your stomach – making them flutter around wildly. The kind of love that is pure and bittersweet. The kind of love that makes you smile for no reason and keeps you awake at night…

Eleanor is nothing like all those female protagonists in YA novels. I imagined her to be this ordinary-looking, chubby girl with wild, curly hair and sulky face. She’s no Bella Swan or America Singer. She’s not someone whom you’d see on the cover of a magazine… or the cover of anything, for that matter. She’s like that girl that you would have classes with but you would never really talk to, unless you needed to. Park Sheridan might have his cool circle of friends and he might’ve dated the ‘hottest’ girl in school, but I don’t think he’s ‘all that’. I think he was just lucky to have been included in that circle of friends. If he was not with them, he’d just be a typical Asian kid who would get bullied all the time. I do think he is charming, in a way, but not THAT handsome.

I just loved how their love story progressed. It was slow but not draggy. It was quick but not rushed. It was just right. Everything had just the right timing. Everything happened smoothly, albeit awkwardly. ^^ It leaves you hanging this time and then gives you so much the next.


My fave moment was when Park finally decided to let Eleanor read his comic books and listen to his music. I had an enjoyable time imagining that scene, Eleanor stealing glances at the comic book and Park deliberately reading slowly to let her finish first. It was so adorable how they never really ‘talked’ to each other during the first few weeks. They just had this unspoken connection that helped them realize how much they like each other. And OMG when they first held hands — that made me kick and punch the air in delight!!! Their first kiss was even BETTER. I was so ecstatic with joy. Young love is so precious~

Every chapter has just the right amount of thrill, romance, drama, excitement and humor. The last few chapters were sprinkled with a moderate amount of ‘teenage hormones’, which is just normal and very realistic, I think. ^^ I mean, they might have liked the person inside the facade but you cannot dismiss the physical attraction. With teenagers, something is bound to happen of course…

Anyway, I just have to say I LOVE PARK’s mom! Hahaha! She is like the typical Korean mom. The way she talks, the way she acts and even her humor is so Korean. Hahaha! I also love the songs mentioned in the novel. I didn’t know much about them so I Googled and downloaded some. I fell in love with Joy Division’sLove will tear us apart” instantly!


All in all, I guess it was just a simple story – they met, they fell in love, they faced some difficulties, they fight, they make up and then they break up in the end… It was genuine and simply heartrending. I said it before and I’ll say it again – it was so real, and that’s what got me so hooked. This book made me reminisce the old times… it helped me remember how it felt like to be truly in LOVE~ *sighs*

ย credits: to whoever owns those adorable pictures… i love you guys ^^


One comment

  1. crismovilla · October 6, 2013

    thisis so true! in my own opinion, it is one of the best written young adult books.!

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