[Review] Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell

This book has the most realistic characters ever. I like how imperfect Eleanor and Park are individually, and yet they are so perfect for each other. From the start, I already got so hooked that I kept on reading when I should be doing other things – like eating or sleeping. LOL. I just couldn’t get enough of them! I wanted to know what would happen next. It’s like every chapter is a cliff-hanger so you have to turn the next page immediately coz you’re dying to find out more.


Actually, I could relate a bit to their love story. And I think everyone could. We all had that cute, innocent, young love back then. That boy that sits next to you or in front of you in class. Or, in my case, that boy who rode the same tricycle service as me back in elementary. That boy who lives in your neighborhood and steals glances at you as you pass him by. That boy who would pass a letter for you to your little brother… It was the kind of love that alerts the butterflies in your stomach – making them flutter around wildly. The kind of love that is pure and bittersweet. The kind of love that makes you smile for no reason and keeps you awake at night…

Eleanor is nothing like all those female protagonists in YA novels. I imagined her to be this ordinary-looking, chubby girl with wild, curly hair and sulky face. She’s no Bella Swan or America Singer. She’s not someone whom you’d see on the cover of a magazine… or the cover of anything, for that matter. She’s like that girl that you would have classes with but you would never really talk to, unless you needed to. Park Sheridan might have his cool circle of friends and he might’ve dated the ‘hottest’ girl in school, but I don’t think he’s ‘all that’. I think he was just lucky to have been included in that circle of friends. If he was not with them, he’d just be a typical Asian kid who would get bullied all the time. I do think he is charming, in a way, but not THAT handsome.

I just loved how their love story progressed. It was slow but not draggy. It was quick but not rushed. It was just right. Everything had just the right timing. Everything happened smoothly, albeit awkwardly. ^^ It leaves you hanging this time and then gives you so much the next.


My fave moment was when Park finally decided to let Eleanor read his comic books and listen to his music. I had an enjoyable time imagining that scene, Eleanor stealing glances at the comic book and Park deliberately reading slowly to let her finish first. It was so adorable how they never really ‘talked’ to each other during the first few weeks. They just had this unspoken connection that helped them realize how much they like each other. And OMG when they first held hands — that made me kick and punch the air in delight!!! Their first kiss was even BETTER. I was so ecstatic with joy. Young love is so precious~

Every chapter has just the right amount of thrill, romance, drama, excitement and humor. The last few chapters were sprinkled with a moderate amount of ‘teenage hormones’, which is just normal and very realistic, I think. ^^ I mean, they might have liked the person inside the facade but you cannot dismiss the physical attraction. With teenagers, something is bound to happen of course…

Anyway, I just have to say I LOVE PARK’s mom! Hahaha! She is like the typical Korean mom. The way she talks, the way she acts and even her humor is so Korean. Hahaha! I also love the songs mentioned in the novel. I didn’t know much about them so I Googled and downloaded some. I fell in love with Joy Division’sLove will tear us apart” instantly!


All in all, I guess it was just a simple story – they met, they fell in love, they faced some difficulties, they fight, they make up and then they break up in the end… It was genuine and simply heartrending. I said it before and I’ll say it again – it was so real, and that’s what got me so hooked. This book made me reminisce the old times… it helped me remember how it felt like to be truly in LOVE~ *sighs*

 credits: to whoever owns those adorable pictures… i love you guys ^^


[Review] The Elite by Kiera Cass

This book is definitely “un-put downable”!!! If that is even a word. LOL. It’s been a while since I was THIS engrossed in a book, that I was willing to sacrifice watching my daily dose of US TV series, Korean dramas AND even sleep — just to finish it quickly! I’ve always thought that most of the book series that I’ve read before were a bit disappointing at some point. The first book would get me hooked but then the second or third would be so-so or somewhat uninteresting. BUT, The Elite totally dispelled such prejudice! The story just keeps on getting better and better. For want of a better word, it’s juicier. Haha!

This will definitely contain SPOILERS, so if you haven’t read it yet – SCRAM. ^^

Since I am on TEAM ASPEN all throughout The Selection, I was absolutely ecstatic to read MORE of him in book two. I just love the fact that he was somehow inserted into the picture in the most obvious, yet marvelous way possible! A royal guard! Why not? Haha! And I’m so sorry to all you Maxon Schreave fan  girls, but ever since book one I’ve always imagined Aspen Leger to be MORE HANDSOME than the prince. I mean, it would justify the fact that America wanted him so badly and she even mentioned how afraid she was of other girls stealing him away. And Maxon is already THE Prince so that gives him a different advantage than poor Aspen. So I guess they are both attractive, but without the TITLE, Aspen is WAY HOTTER.

I actually thought America’s days at the palace were repetitive in this book. There was a certain pattern to it. Like, in one chapter she’d be with Prince Maxon – getting showered with heart-fluttering compliments and mushy, romantic words, feeling like she COULD actually be his princess. Then the next chapter, she’d be having secret rendezvous and stolen moments with Aspen in some dark palace room. The next chapter she’d argue with Aspen and have her uber sweet/romantic moments with Maxon. By the end of that chapter, she’d be having a misunderstanding with Maxon, again, and go back to Aspen’s arms.

So in short, SHE’S ONE LUCKY BITCH. LOL. Okay, so this book was clearly about her confused mind and heart, whatever. XD This bitch needs to sort out her feelings. News flash, you can’t have them BOTH. You can only choose ONE. Actually, that’s just one minor thing that I’m kinda frustrated about in this series. There was actually NO COMPETITION. Right from the start, Maxon wanted America. End of story. Sure, Maxon TRIED to date the other girls and give them a chance. But we all know he was only being polite and fair. Okay, so maybe the competition here was between Maxon and Aspen… but not really. They are completely different and America’s feelings for them rooted from different circumstances and memories.

So, if I could summarize this series in an equation, it would be like this:

The Selection: America VS. 34 Girls AND America VS. her feelings

The Elite:  America VS. 5 Girls, Aspen VS. Maxon, The Royal Guards VS. The Rebels (North and South) AND America VS. her feelings… again.

The One: America VS. King Clarkson… and possibly America VS. Kriss

Yep, that’s about it. Pretty simple, yeah. BUT the details, actions, dialogues, scenarios and moments were too compelling for me to pass up. There are only a few novels that I’ve read which could make me read so fast just so I could turn to the next page and find out what happens next. There was never a dull or boring moment. Moreover, I’m NOT a big fan of politics or history but the author successfully, and creatively, weaved and sprinkled political and historical issues here and there without making it too heavy or draggy to read. I almost enjoyed it.

I like that the competition was not just about getting Prince Maxon’s heart (or the King’s, Queen’s, advisers, public’s, for that matter). They were actually being taught how to be a Princess – their actions, gestures, reactions, and more importantly, how to be a ‘lady’. It’s not such a bad competition, especially for someone like America who came from a lower caste, coz after all these, when they all go back home, at least they have learned something good from their stay in the palace. They might’ve lost the crown, but they gained something else. 🙂

Honestly, I saw myself in America in The Selection. If I was in this competition, and I had a gorgeous boyfriend (okay, ex-bf) like Aspen waiting for me back at home, I would just make the most out of my time in the palace. Enjoy the attention, celebrity status and grandiose dresses, meet new friends, and of course eat as much food as I am allowed to! Haha! I always thought I would’ve done exactly what she did… or said what she said… However, in The Elite… she kinda changed. Of course, she was bound to change at one point but I didn’t see myself doing the things she did anymore.

Anyway, just when I thought it was gonna be another boring day at the palace, Marlee’s ‘fornication’ (LOL, I just wanna use that word XD) with Carter happened. I was absolutely mortified while reading about the ‘public caning’ part. Although I kinda felt suspicious about Carter during the previous chapters, I never thought that his character was THAT big. This climax was so out-of-the-blue, so riveting and it put me on the edge (of my bed XD) . I was tearful while reading this part, almost as if I was there – witnessing everything. I wanted to scream and throw things at Maxon too. Of course, it wasn’t his fault but he’s the easiest person to blame and get mad with.

Okay, in all fairness to Maxon Schreave, he managed to make me ‘waver’ a little in this book. My problem with him is… he’s just too nice. He’s attractive, a gentleman, good-humored, well-mannered, and just everything that you could ask for in a prince. But he’s NOT my idea of a ‘prince’. He’s too nice and too likeable to the point of being BORING. I think if we’re gonna be realistic about the ‘prince’, he would have flaws here and there. You would have to hate him at some point. Maybe for being arrogant or a playboy or a brat – anything to make him more human. Maxon is FAR from perfection, but he’s almost there. I just didn’t like that. It destroyed my image and possible fantasy of him. It made me turn around and like Aspen more than him. And he might be the prince but, dude, you’re a GUY. At one point, he would break under all the pressure of having these beautiful ladies around him (some even throwing themselves AT him). That’s why when he did what he ‘did’ with Celeste, I was happy. Finally! He’s more human now. He makes mistakes. LOL. Nevertheless, my heart broke when I ‘saw’ the scars on his back… it was just horrible. 😦 I can’t imagine how America must’ve have felt upon seeing those… and it was partly because of her.

I was practically pulling my hair out by the end of the book! Of course. Maxon would find a way to make America stay despite everything that transpired. Dammit. Again, if I was America I would’ve gone home and waited patiently for Aspen. End of story. Haha. So now I guess Maxon got leveled up in her heart. And coz she’s a feisty redhead, she would never back down even against King Clarkson. Now, all I’m hoping to see in the next book is King Clarkson finding out about Aspen and America’s ‘relationship’ and of course his relentless efforts to bully her into giving up. Haha! I’m giving Maxon a chance too. But I’m still on Team Aspen. 🙂

[Review] The Selection by Kiera Cass


It was such an enjoyable read! I’m so glad I read this. So the whole thing about this being a ‘Hunger Games meets The Bachelor’ story is a bit ridiculous. Okay, I didn’t really read the former or watch the latter but I know a bit about their ‘plot’. The Selection IS futuristic and dystopic like The Hunger Games but I certainly didn’t feel like the girls are fighting each other to death. There was no brutal or morbid competition. It wasn’t like the Japanese movieBattle Royal‘ too. It was more like ‘The Bachelor: Prince Edition’. LOL. 


I loved how the writer depicted each character flawlessly into the plot without giving me a headache. You can actually imagine them – how they look, how they move, speak and act. Everything is so vivid and creative. The dialogues are so enjoyable to read and America Singer is now my favorite book heroine. 🙂 I just love her despite her flaws and inadequacy. She is as real as anyone could get. I think if I was in her position, I would’ve done the same things.


^ So these are supposed to play America and Maxon… hmm… fair enough. 🙂


I didn’t really get all gushy and mushy over Prince Maxon at first. I think it’s mainly coz I’ve been shipping Aspen and America right from the start. Aspen might be self-pitying jerk who’s a bit of a coward and doesn’t know what he wants, but I like that about him. It makes him more human to me. Prince Maxon, on the other hand, is a bit… I dunno, something else. I just don’t believe in his character. I mean, the writer did a great job in creating this character… but he’s not someone I would like to meet or get acquainted with. Honestly, I dunno why.


Moreover, when I found out that there was SUPPOSED to be a TV series based on this, I immediately Googled the rumored cast. I kinda got obsessed imagining Colton Haynes as Aspen Leger… And I’ve always thought, based on the description, that Aspen is supposed to be MORE HANDSOME than Prince Maxon. So yeah. I’m on Team Aspen. I’m sorry. There, I’ve said it. I just can’t seem to sympathize with Prince Maxon. So, okay, the guy’s not an arrogant, stuck-up jerk – like every other hero in YA novels nowadays. But still… I like Aspen more. ^^


^ Those bluer than blue eyes… COME ON! He is the perfect ASPEN LEGER! (Okay, so Aspen’s eyes are GREEN. SO WHAT? XD)


The endingwas a bit… lacking for me. I dunno but after reading it, I was like, “Oh, that’s it?” I mean, I would’ve expected something TERRIFIC or TERRIBLE happening at the end to make me wanna rush and get the next book ASAP. It was just… too simple. Maybe that’s what the writer wanted so I’ll let it be.



All in all, I LOVE THIS BOOK so much! It’s not over-the-top or mind-boggling or anything like that; if anything, it’s just a simple cliche-ish love story between a Prince and a commoner. But the simplicity of it all plus the likability of the characters made it such a worthy read.

Kiera Cass is now one of my FAVORITE authors. 🙂


Movie VS. Book: The Lovely Bones


After I finished reading The Lovely Bones novel by Alice Sebold, I immediately watched the movie version. Since I’m not really keen on comparing books and movies, I would like to mention a few things that I noticed… or didn’t quite like… or liked too much, for that matter. I guess watching the movie while the book is still fresh on my mind had its perks but it was mostly unfavorable. For instance, I became one of those disgruntled ‘the-book-was-so-much-better’ fans who would notice every little detail and complain about it.

To put it simply, I thought the movie would’ve been better if they didn’t change A LOT of the details. As someone who read the book, I felt like there was something MISSING. Actually, the movie was lacking. It was kinda butchered… no pun intended, since we all know what happened to Susie Salmon. ^_^;; ANYWAY… I felt like they should have included THIS and THAT… I was questioning why THIS character or that scene was not in the movie. I was so meticulous when it comes to the characters because I felt a sort of connection to each and everyone of them. From Susie to Grandma Lynn to Ruana Singh and even to Hal Heckler. I felt like all the characters from the book NEEDED to be in the movie. They were all part of it, no matter how minor their part seemed to be. The scene where the people from the neighborhood, from school and Susie’s family gathered at the cornfield on the anniversary of her death was just touching. I would’ve LOVED to see that in the movie.


The movie was fast-paced while the book was the opposite. There was no specific timeline in the movie coz everything was a blur, whereas in the book you could feel the days, months and years passing by. You could feel the characters getting older and slowly, painstakingly, moving on with their lives. Of course the book was draggy but it wasn’t completely boring for me. It was one of those books that I’d get lost in while reading. The movie wasn’t as compelling as the book; although there were some really beautiful scenes.



In particular, I’d have to say they did a fantastic job in the Susie-looking-over-earth-while-she’s-in-the-in-between part. I couldn’t quite imagine that while reading the book. I thought Susie would just be in the same room or place as the person she’s watching and she’d be invisible, like an apparition or something. Len and Abigail’s secret affair was only slightly implied. You wouldn’t even notice it if you don’t pay that much attention. I would’ve given everything to see Hal Heckler and Ruana Singh. I was hoping to see more of Lindsey and Samuel – from the awkward stage to the lovey-dovey stage. I didn’t feel Lindsey growing up or maturing during the film. Yes, she changed her clothes, put on some makeup and had a boyfriend… but you could actually feel her maturity in the book. I have nothing against the actress though, she was the perfect Lindsey. I was anticipating the scene where Ray Singh became the first suspect. I thought that was a vital part of the plot, but when I saw his love note getting blown away into Ruth’s hands, I already knew that they changed something. The terror induced by the crime in their neighborhood and the whole school, the police cars patrolling and questioning people, knocking on every door… there was none of that. If there was, it was not enough. 😦 Moreover, where’s the friggin’ elbow? Susie’s elbow! It was supposed to be something that would induce fear among the people in the neighborhood and devastation in her family…


The cornfield scene was terrifying though, thanks to Stanley Tucci‘s superb acting as Mr. Harvey. I liked it every time they did a closeup on his eyes and you could actually feel the ‘lust’ and see the horrifying monster inside him.

Actually, if you see the movie as a normal person (LOL), I mean, without reading the book, you would like it. I would’ve. The movie stands alone so even if you didn’t read the book, you won’t get lost or confused in any way. It was a lovely movie, to say the least. It was a complete package and it would really move you to tears. The book was frustrating and simply depressing but the movie was enjoyable (in a melancholic way) and it was very touching.


The best scene for me was when Lindsey broke into Mr. Harvey’s house. The suspense was just too much! I felt like I was Susie and I was watching my sister as she scavenge my murderer’s house for proof, just so our dad would not be seen as a mad man. I was holding my breath while watching that and I was screaming for her to run for her life. Haha. Of course I knew she wouldn’t get caught but still… 🙂

Actually, the changes they made in the movie were necessary to make it a complete different version from the book. The turn/chain of events, the climax, the characters  – everything felt different. It wasn’t like watching a movie adaptation, it was like watching something roughly based on the book. Not that I’m complaining. I guess the actors did a brilliant job in portraying the characters that I’m willing to forgive and forget what the movie lacks.


I hated Susie’s mother. She was my least fave character from the book or the movie. I mean, your daughter just died, your husband’s going mad and the whole family is breaking apart and your solution is to RUN AWAY?! Seriously, dude. That was some selfish bitch act. If I was Lindsey I wouldn’t have accepted her easily when she came back. I’m sorry but I couldn’t understand people like her. Sure, this was NOT the life that she wanted in the first place but IT HAPPENED. Shit happens. And it was nobody’s fault, yes. Nobody should be blamed for whatever transpired. But as a mother, she should be the one helping her family cope up with this. Not running away to another man’s arms and abandoning your family like that is not gonna help. I know that a death in the family would either bring the family together or break it apart, but she selfishly demolished her family for her own good. I would understand if she just wanted to take some time away to clear her head, forget about things and move on. But she just ran off to some place without any explanation to her kids. Sorry but I had no sympathy for her. Even after she came back, I still despised her. >_<

The movie wasn’t really disappointing because it did have its own charms and I saw it as something different from the book. But of course the book is better. The book will always be better. 🙂

[Review] The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt

If you didn’t enjoy reading this awesome book … you are a PIED NINNY. >:) It’s been a while since I read a simple book with a ‘feel good’ story, moving characters, witty humor & sarcasm, inspiring characters with some great twists and turns. It actually made me cry and laugh, and feel ashamed, and then laugh again, and feel melancholy and laugh again and feel sympathy and then laugh again. This book totally deserves a MOVIE. A great adaptation. I can totally imagine the scenes and the characters while reading it, as if I was actually watching it on the big screen. Moreover, if The Diary of a Wimpy Kid made it to the big screen, then this one totally deserves it!

Source: booksobsession.blogspot.com

Holling Hoodhood is one of the best protagonists I’ve come to know so far. Even better than Harry Potter. Although we have nothing in common and I couldn’t really relate to whatever he’s going through or what sort of emotions a 13-year-old like him could possibly harbor, I was able to relate to him… in a way. It’s like seeing another you. A different you. I sympathized with him. I understood every single emotion he had. I laughed and cried with him. I even felt humiliated for him when I thought about how horrifying those yellow tights with feathers on the — must’ve been… ^^ He was a fun character to read. No stupid mumbo jumbo, no hiding behind fake masks, no overflowing and exaggerated emotions – just a simple kid. My fave Holling moment would be the one with his sister – the whole Western Union and bus station thing. I didn’t realize I was already crying and laughing and smiling all at the same time.

I like Danny Hupfer too. He’s sort of like that annoying jerk in class who’d surprise you with his inner charm and kindness. I was so touched during that whole Mickey Mantle thing. The other characters are likeable and quite interesting too. It’s not like other books where the minor characters would either annoy you or bore you to death. Actually, that’s one of the reasons I like this book. You’ll get to know each character well without reading a whole chapter or at least a dozen pages about their boring and nonsensical lives. Each character, no matter how minor, has a story. Mr. Goldman and his light, fresh, brown cream puffs… Mr. Vendleri and his asbestos tiles… Mrs. Bigio and her Lunch Surprises… Doug and his 410 ways to annoy a teacher… Holling’s sister and her fight for civil rights and equality… Meryl Lee and her hidden affection for Holling… even Holling’s parents despite their being, well, so parent-ish. XD I’m telling you, I have never enjoyed all characters in one book this much!

I especially like the bits about Shakespeare and his works. How a 13-year-old boy like Holling analyzes it and gives his thoughts about it. Honestly, I’ve NEVER read a Shakespeare novel – NOT one single novel. I know. Lame, right? I just… I’ve never been a big fan of classic stuff with obsolete words and language that I probably won’t understand even if I tried. So I love how some of Shakespeare’s famous works were briefly discussed and summarized here. It was intricately mixed into each chapter and sprinkled with humor, wit and sarcasm here and there… so as not to make it draggy or boring. I never would’ve known anything about Caliban from The Tempest and his colorful curses. ^^

The story is set in the 1960s during the American-Vietnam War so there were some historical stuff here and there. But even that didn’t bore me at all. Important figures like Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were also important characters in the story.

I think the thing that I love the most here is how simple and creative the writing style is. It’s easy enough for a middle-schooler to understand, yet not too childish for, well, adults like me. ^^

I’m glad I started reading this novel. I’ll probably read the next one too – OKAY FOR NOW – in which Doug is the protagonist. And I will definitely enjoy it. Lastly, if you’re not amused with this wonderful novel… well, here’s what I gotta say: TOADS, BEETLES and BATS you PIED NINNY! ^__^

The Mortal Instruments 3: City of Glass

YES! I’m finally done! This was probably the most enjoyable one, compared to the other two. Mainly coz of all the Magnus-Alec thingy… ^^ And of course I like the fact that every character grows (matures?) with every book. The fact that there is a terrible war just round the corner made it even more compelling. It was definitely a page-turner. In fact, there was never a boring time. Well, okay, except during those repetitive, annoyingly predictable and ho-hum-ish Clary-Jace-Romeo&Juliet-moments… I stopped getting amused or even at least excited whenever they play their ‘poor-us-we-love-each-other-but-we’re-siblings’ or their ‘you-and-me-against-the-world’ card. I think I’ve seen enough Asian dramas with the same plot to last me a lifetime…

The suspense as to how, when, where and what’s gonna happen when Valentine resurfaces with his army of demons and how the plot was built around constant fear and alertness among Shadowhunters & Downworlders alike, was extremely riveting. Moreover, I like how everything was FINALLY explained here. Right from the start. It left no more queries or confusion in my mind. The minor love stories were weaved in between some major plot lines, just to give the readers a quick breath of fresh air or something… I guess. I mean, there was a point when all hope seemed to be lost and I was getting more and more frustrated. Magnus and Alec reeled me back to life and helped me carry on reading. ^^

The deaths in the story was… TOO heartbreaking for me to even think about them again. T_____T

The best part of the story was probably the bit about SEBASTIAN. I kinda suspected him at first… but I wasn’t entirely sure since I couldn’t figure out where he fits in the story. Although, halfway through book two, I was already kinda thinking that Jace & Clary might not REALLY be siblings after all. I mean, how could the story go on if they’re pining and whining after each other when it’s forbidden (and extremely incestuous, might I add XD)… so yeah, that part I kinda had it all figured out. And I’m so glad I did.

My fave part is a NO BRAINER. Of course it’s when Alec suddenly kissed Magnus in the middle of the Accords Hall – right in front of his family and ALL those Shadowhunters and Downworlders! I can so imagine that moment and I can’t wait to see that in the movie!!! 😀

^ source: fuckyeahmortalinstruments.tumblr.com

Simon and Luke are still my fave characters so far… my slight annoyance with Jace during the last book was gone by the time I finished this one. Glad he came back to his senses and eventually pulled through. ^^ And can I just say, I wanna go to IDRIS!!! ^^

But now that Valentine’s gone… and everything seems to be fine and dandy between Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike… what’s next? I’m kinda thinking Sebastian might still be alive and he’ll continue his father’s evil plans, with ten times EVIL in it… Or there might be another war between Shadowhunters and Downworlders because of… something. XD

I need to get my hands on the FOURTH BOOK now. ^^

The Mortal Instruments Movie ~ The MOST perfect cast ~

The Mortal Instruments Movie cast is the most perfect cast ever!!!

So it’s been a while since I blogged here. Kinda busy with all the Korean, Japanese and American dramas and movies I’m watching, reading books, Tumblr-ing and of course, my job. -.-

BUT, what’s got me sooooo freakin’ excited these days was the fact that the cast of THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS MOVIE IS NOW COMPLETE. And I can only say ONE THING- it’s FUCKIN’ PERFECT! This is the MOST perfect casting of a book adaptation ever since Harry Potter! I swear! I was a bit disappointed with the casting of my OTHER fave book – BEAUTIFUL CREATURES… so I was so over the moon when I found out the official cast for The Mortal Instruments movie.

First we have Lily Collins as Clary Fray.


Well, typical. I mean, she’s been getting loads of project left and right nowadays. I like the girl. She can act. And I bet she’ll do Clary justice. The thing is… there are rumors about her and Jace Wayland actor – JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER. That made me want to strangle her. >_< Of course it’s just a rumor… but she’s been known to… you know, date almost all of her leading guys… But… but… I’m a big Jamie-Bonnie fan… T_T


Next is of course the lovely and sexy Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace Wayland. He’s perfect. Period. The blonde hair, golden eyes, well-built body, height and that adorable-mischievous smirk~ Although there were some fans insisting Alex Pettyfer, I think it’s about time we all move on from that guy. He’s MAGIC MIKE material now. ^^



Then the BFF slash unofficial other guy – Simon Lewis which will come to life in the form of Robert Sheehan! Now this was also almost perfect. I had a hard time imagining Simon-  physically. I mean, I can imagine what a nerd or geek he is based on his personality… but I couldn’t imagine anything beyond that. So when I found out it was Robert, I was like, OH YEAH… he’s gonna do great! He has that geek-band-member-smart-ass-sarcastic-prick look. ^^



The most PRECIOUS among all the characters and the one that made me scream my lungs out when I found out who’s the actor playing him… MAGNUS BANE. Hottie Asian supermodel/actor Godfrey Gao is Magnus Bane. At first I Googled him coz I had no idea who he was and I was really looking forward to who’s gonna be playing Magnus coz he’s a very unique and fun character to read… Then I found out it was this gorgeous, sexy, goddamn HOT supermodel actor!!! And he’s ASIAN, which is perfect coz that’s how Magnus is supposed to be. 😀




And if there’s Magnus Bane of course what’s next is Alec Lightwood. I didn’t really care that much for Alec but when I started on City of Ashes, I got so obsessed with the Alec-Magnus couple… *wink wink* So when I found out that Kevin Zegers was confirmed to play  Alec, I was like O_O. Seriously?! I hyperventilated so much I thought I was gonna die!!! Shit. KEVIN EFFING ZEGERS – those bluer than blue eyes, boyish smile and perfect face??? DAMN! Okay… *breathes in* It’s just... Kevin Zegers + Godfrey Gao =  I CANNOT.




There’s Alec’s hot, strong and a bit bitchy sister Isabelle Lightwood. The actress playing her, Jemima West, is… well, I dunno anything about her except she’s French. But damn she’s pretty and she can totally play Izzy. I can so imagine her. 😀



Then there’s Clary’s mother – Jocelyn Fray, played by Lena Headey. Well, I didn’t really anticipate this character that much. I mean, she was gone for like most of the book… so yeah… but I imagined her to look just like Clary, of course. XD Pretty much like Harry Potter looks just like his father. 😀



And then there’s one of my favorite character – Lucian Graymark. Hottie Aidan Turner will give life to this character and I couldn’t be happier. ^^I love this character. He reminds me so much of Lupin and Sirius from Harry Potter. ^^ I didn’t imagine him to be THIS hot… so that’s  a  PLUS.



Last but not the least is of course, the evil guy – Valentine Morgenstern. I recently found out that another drop-dead gorgeous guy with those deep, bluer than blue eyes, will be playing this character. *DRUMROLL* Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!! *insert fangirl shriek here* OMG OMG OMG! I cannot! I cannot! Gosh. I didn’t see this one coming. I always thought Valentine should be hot and gorgeous but JRM is like WOAH!!!




AND that concludes the MOST PERFECT MOVIE CAST in a book to movie adaptation. I rest my case. Now I’m gonna wait patiently for this. It’s rumored to be out on August 2013… T___T

~Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen~

ImageIt’s always pleasurable to read Godbersen’s books. She has that unique style of writing and story-telling that makes every character, every scenery, every setting and every moment jump out of life. I just love the way she describes people, places and things. It’s very imaginative and incredibly vivid. I read The Luxe before but I liked this story better. I guess I was smitten by the “Romeo & Juliet-ish” twist to the plot as well as the predictability of some characters. This is the type of story wherein you couldn’t really relate to any of the main characters but you still feel empathy towards them. You can almost feel their emotions surging through as if they were yours. I personally liked the story of friendship between Cordelia and Letty – how these two country bumpkins stepped out of their comfort zone and bravely took on the challenge of living in the big city. They both experienced happiness, success, fame, love and failure but in the end, they still ended up together as they share their agony and heartaches.


Astrid is one delightful character for me. She surprises me the most. Although the last part of the book was sort of “I saw that coming”, I think she still has some sort of facade that she’s concealing pretty well. Charlie is a bastard but I like him out of all the boys too (although Thom Hale & Luke were the ones who induced girlish squeaks of excitement from me ^^). I just like Charlie’s dignity and how protective he is of his family. He may be a player but I think he really loves Astrid. I was a bit annoyed at Letty during about 60% of the book. I just don’t like her irritatingly innocent & naive personality. She makes me wanna roll my eyes several times. But I guess she learned her lesson at the end.


The death at the end was quite unexpected although I’ve been apprehensive of the events that followed afterwards. I kinda saw it coming too. Like deja vu. It didn’t ruin my excitement upon reading it though. It was a compelling and fun read. I like the fact that on the surface it seemed to be the success and sob stories of the three girls when I kinda see it as the story of rival families and the desire to grab the upper tier of the society mingled with complicated love affairs, nasty secrets, friendship, broken dreams and promises, and family relationships. It was like a complete set of meal and I couldn’t ask for more. ^.^ A must-read for hopeless romantics like me~ 

Images are from: fayeflamereviews.blogspot.com and thebooksmugglers.com



My dreams just came true! I’ve been wishing for a movie adaptation of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES ever since and I just found out recently that there is INDEED going to be a MOVIE!!! OMG. I’m the happiest person right now!!! 😀

To top it all off, the lovely Emma Thompson is playing BOTH Sarafine and Mrs. Lincoln!!! Wow. This is going too well. Viola Davis is supposed to play AMMA, but it’s not yet confirmed.

How surprised was I to find that they already casted someone for Ethan and Lena! And… I dunno them. Haha. But looking at the pics, I think they’re okay. I didn’t really expect Ethan to be THAT handsome… just kinda cute. 😀

 Jack O’Connell will play Ethan.













Lena’s part will be played by Alice Englert.

Now I’m absolutely dying with excitement to find out who’s gonna play my fave character MACON RAVENWOOD~ Oh please do not disappoint me casting directors!!!  PLEEAAAASSSEEE! ^.^

Source : Here 

~Lumayo ka nga sa akin by Bob Ong~

Bob Ong did it again! This time he criticized and chided the Philippine television variety shows, game shows, dramas, soap operas, reality shows and even the movies. What made me love this book so much was the fact that I could totally relate (once again) to the author’s expostulations and reprehensions about the status of the Philippine movie and TV industry nowadays.

How dismaying it is that what used to be enjoyable and something that is a source of Filipino pride became nothing but a laughingstock and shallow entertainment for idiots? Of course all these ‘kajologs-an‘ and ‘kabaduy-an’ are part of the Filipino culture and humor but whatever happened to the arts? Where did the producers’ and writers’ artistic and creative minds go? Why is imitation and piracy the ‘in’ thing when we can have the most talented and skilled minds if we just put them together. 😦 I think this book is an eye-opener not just for someone like me who’d rather watch Korean, Japanese and Hollywood TV and movies over my own country’s. It made me realize WHY I never watch Philippine TV in the first place. -.- The abundance of stereotypical characters and generic plots coupled with lame acting from second-rate young stars who are either a product of a talent search or some goddamn reality show on TV are just too frustrating and even disturbing. AND extremely eye-roll-worthy. 

I finished this book in like 4 hours and THAT is a record for me since I never finish anything in a day. ^^ I guess the long trip back home from Manila yesterday did something to my brain cells. Haha. Or maybe coz I didn’t have any distractions – like the Internet – to keep me from reading nonstop. 😀

This is probably one of his best works, IMO, and my second fave next to “Abnkkbsnplako”.

 Picture source: kingofdom.wordpress.com