Mastering multi-tasking.

I love multi-tasking. I think it’s a great way to get your job done and to exercise some brain cells as well. 😀

I normally multi-task at work by listening to music while doing my evaluations and browsing the Internet. ^^ Sometimes I even type my blog in between my evaluations and reports… or chat with my friends or download some movies…

So yeah. I multi-task. A LOT.

Nowadays, I’ve been ‘multi-watching’. haha. Definition: watching several TV shows and dramas at once. Okay, I don’t really watch them ALL TOGETHER. But I watch various shows and dramas in one day. For instance, I watch a movie, a Korean drama, a Japanese drama, a Filipino drama, a US drama, a US sitcom and a British drama all in one week. Oh, I also watch movies — with different languages: Korean, Japanese, Thai, English, Indian… 😀

So yeah, to summarize it. Here’s a list of what I’m watching, what I just finished watching recently and what I’m gonna watch in the near future.

Korean Drama:
1. Heartstrings (You’ve fallen for me) – 15 eps

I've fallen for this drama~~~

~ just finished this yesterday. 😀

2. Protect the boss – ongoing

Protect Jaejoong... errr... the BOSS ~ One of my favorites and the one I'm most looking forward to. It just cracked me up so much.

3. Princess Man – ongoing

The Korean Romeo and Juliet

~ great plot, love the actors, but the subbing team consists of TURTLES. Yeah, they’re kinda slow. So I only get to watch this on the weekends. 😦 It’s like a Joseon dynasty version of ROMEO AND JULIET. Just so you know. 😀

4. Scent of a woman – ongoing
~ not yet started but I religiously downloaded every episode up to now so I can marathon it sometime… in the near future XD

5. Goong (Palace) – 24 episodes
~ It’s an old drama, yeah, I know. And I’ve seen it before, yes. But that was the time when Korean DVDsEnglish subtitles still sucks like hell. XD So I’m re-watching it. ^^

6. Spy Myungwol – ongoing
~ there’s too much drama in this drama. I’m only watching it for the love of Mun Eric. But now I am so lovin’ it coz of the other guy– Lee Jinwook ❤

7. Can’t Lose – will start LATER!!! ^___^
~ I am so gonna watch it! It has one of my fave rom-com actors, YOON SANGHYUN, in it PLUS Choi Jiwoo. The story is quite interesting and based on the trailer, it’ll be a riot rom-com. XD

Japanese Drama:

8. IS ~ Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei ~ – ongoing
~ I don’t know (or like) anyone in this drama… Well, I’ve seen them in other dramas but I’m not a BIG fan. I was just so interested in the plot. An “intersexual” huh? It’s my first time watching this sort of drama. 🙂

9. Ikemen desu ne ~ ongoing

Perfect Cast~

~ The remake of the Korean drama He’s Beautiful is so much better than what I expected. One of the best remakes ever. Shu-san really channels Shinwoo-hyung in the Korean version~

10. Ouran High Host Club ~ ongoing

Yosuke is just HILARIOUS.

~ live action of the highly popular animation about a girl who disguised as a guy to get into the school’s host club. The boring and ‘duh’ moments is totally forgiven thanks to Yusuke Yamamoto‘s hilariously animated acting. XD

11. Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~ ongoing

It's a good remake. So haters to the LEFT. XD

~ another remake. It’s a good remake as well. I mean, it’s NOT THAT BAD as some people might think. I really like the actor who plays Ikuta Toma‘s former character — Nakatsu. The guy is ALMOST as hilarious and insane as Toma. 😀 PLUS, there are lots of new hotties to look out for in this drama.

12. Trouble man – 12 episodes
~ I just randomly saw this drama and decided I like the story. It’s sort of a mystery-suspense drama starring Shige of Kattun 😀

13. Triangle – 11 episodes
~ I just randomly saw this drama and decided I like the story. It’s sort of a mystery-suspense drama starring one of my Japanese actor crushes – Eguchi Yosuke ❤

14. Misaki #1 – 10 episodes
~ I’m watching this for the love of FUJIGAYA TAISUKE (who plays SHU in Ikemen desu ne). They say it’s like a bad imitation of GOKUSEN, with the “YANKUMI” being a hostess or something… but still. It’s Shu-san~~~ ^^

15. Taiyou to umi no Kyoshitsu (Homeroom on the Beachside) – finished – 10 episodes

Not just another Gokusen rip off. XD

~ I finally finished this one. It’s great to see the young actors here who are now starting to gain popularity and getting more ‘important’ or ‘leading’ roles… 😀

16. Majo Saiban (The Witch Trial) – 10 episodes

I'd watch any drama with 'witch' on the title... and with cute curly Toma in it. XD

~ I just started episode 1 last night and I can say I’m soooo lovin’ this. I like any plot with “witch” or “detective” in it. 😀 AND it’s IKUTA TOMA~~~ with cute curly hair. haha.

17. Zenkai Girl ~ ongoing

~ I’m still thinking if I’m gonna watch this… I got bored easily even though it’s NISHIKIDO RYO… and YUI ARAGAKI… two of my fave actors… I dunno why… maybe I got tired of watching these sort of ‘feel good’ dramas…

18. Don Quixote ~ ongoing

WAH!I miss seeing weird and hilarious SHOTA...but I can't seem to continue this drama for some reason >_<

~ I SO wanna watch this. I was so excited to see this coz it’s one of my LOVES– MATSUDA FREAKIN’ SHOTA… but I dunno what happened to me after watching episode 1…. I kinda lost interest… same with Zenkai Girl… *sighs* My attention span isn’t the same as before. I don’t get satisfied easily now. T__T but… it’s SHOTA! 😦

US / American drama/ sitcoms:

19. How I met your Mother ~ ongoing


~ I’m so stuck on Season 2 T__T I really love watching sitcoms coz they’re so short and easy to watch. 😀 Barney is just addictive. His humor and crazy antics helps me get through a crappy day.

20. Criminal Minds ~ Seson 6

I'm so looking forward to Dr. Spencer Reid's amazing logic, theories and deductions. ^^

~ The DVD I bought won’t work on my laptop dammit! >_< So I need to download it… T__T I miss Dr. Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and the rest of the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) over at FBI… 😀

21. Dexter – Season 5

~ I can’t seem to start this. I just feel so bad for Dexter after what happened at the end of Season 4… ooopppsss! SPOILER. Haha. But I’ll get to this some time… in the future… XD

22. Victorious ~ Season 2

This Nick TV series really MADE ME SHINE~~~ I love it!

~ It’s my first time trying to watch a NICKELODEON series and I definitely made the right decision! I fell in love with this series and all the cast instantly! Especially dear AVAN JOGIA… hehehehe… It’s still ongoing so… I’m stuck on Season 2…. but I heard it’s gonna be the last season… T_T WHY????>

23. Hell cats ~ Season 1

~ Aly Michalka + Ashley Tisdale + cheerdance = ME LIKES. 😀 I’m a fan of Step Up and Bring it on… so why not watch this drama? ^^

24. SKINS – Season 2

~ I so loved season 1 but I found out that Season 2 isn’t THAT great anymore… so I’m still thinking about watching this. Kaya Scodelario is ❤ though… ^^

WOW. Looking at these TV shows and dramas I feel dizzy now. I didn’t know I was REALLY multi-watching. Haha. Hopefully, I’ll finish ALL of these before the year ends. Haha. Wish me luck!


Judge NOT.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Look in the mirror first before you judge others.

Why do people tend to judge other people before themselves? I’ve been asking myself this question ever since God knows when. I’m not a religious person but I know that somewhere in the bible God told us to refrain from judging others. I totally get what he means. We have no right to say something about other people’s appearance or personality because He created us in His own image. So judging our fellow humans is like indirectly judging Him… right?

Anyway, that’s not my point here. Being a fan of the WWE before, I found out, the hard way, about how we shouldn’t judge people by what we see on the outside. ESPECIALLY celebrities. Or people you see on TV. -.0

One of my favorite wrestlers, Chris Benoit, apparently killed his wife and his kid then went on to commit suicide. It sent waves of horror and shock, not just in the wrestling world. Everyone who found out about it was beyond surprised, including me. Some people immediately judged him–cursed him and sent his soul to hell. Others, his fans and friends in the business, gave him the benefit of the doubt. They all stated their opinions and violent reactions. They all had their ‘IDEA’ of him. All I heard was “he’s not this and that… he’s like this and that…” It was all sensationalized to the point that the line between what happened and what people speculated was blurred. I didn’t know what to believe anymore. I always see Benoit as a good guy. Well, that WAS his image in WWE. The man everyone idolized. The “RABID WOLVERINE”. Protector of the weak. According to his friends, family and coworkers, he is a good man, a good friend… That’s THEIR image of him.

THAT judging look people give you...

One comment by a fan on the Internet woke me up to the reality of this so-called life. He (or she, I’m not sure since it was an anonymous post) said something like “we all have our ideas and images of what our idols are supposed to be but at the end of the day, they’re all just humans who may or may not be what you thought they are. What you see on television and pictures may or may not be the REAL them.” And he’s RIGHT. It doesn’t matter how you see it or interpret it. When I look at a celebrity on television, I see the word “FAKE” blinking in big bright RED letters all over the screen. Yes, you can contest my opinion here and say something like, “Oh no, MY IDOL is different. He’s as real as one can be. He’s really kind and he’s a good example. What you see is what you get.”

Please give me a moment to ROLL MY EYES.

Okay. You seriously believe what you’re saying? I’m not gonna be a hypocrite and say that I wasn’t like THAT before. I used to think wrestling in the WWE was real. I used to think Lindsay Lohan was a good example. Well, she WAS. Until she got through puberty and got famous. XD

I used to look up to Lindsay Lohan and thought she WAS the 'girl to be' ^^;;

ANYWAY, my point is… even the supposed to be “REAL” side of your ‘IDOL’ can be a ruse. Who would want to show their real selves in front of everyone? We all want to have a certain image–celebrity or not. My image at the office is a carefree, happy-go-lucky lady who thinks work is more important than having a relationship. BUT in reality, I WANT TO HAVE A BOYFRIEND. NOW. Any applicants? Hehe. Kidding…

Going back to my point…

I’m not saying all celebrities, singers or popular people that you see on TV, magazines and movies are FAKE. It’s just that, MOST OF THEM may have started to be REAL. But they all got pressured by the society and it turned them into something they’re not. Or maybe they just want to hide behind thick layers of make up and nice clothes and stuff. I don’t know. We all have our reasons.

So basically, no matter how much I BELIEVE that my idol is a good person because she does charity and volunteer work, she got straight A’s in school and in an interview her parents said she was the sweetest thing ever and all her friends said she’s a cool and amazing friend…I can’t. I stopped trusting television for quite some time now. But sometimes, just sometimes, when I’m too vulnerable… I tend to believe everything I see or hear on TV or on the Internet… which in most cases gets me into trouble.  ^^;;;

I’ve been a fan of KPOP for more than two years now. All I can say is, there’s too much FAKE-ness going on in this industry. Or maybe there is a LACK of fake-ness here. Either way, it makes and breaks most of these singers and groups. The cruel and harsh critics known as the NETIZENs always have something to say about someone. If singer A wears a boring and “not too trendy or classy” outfit, they’ll shun her and call her a fashion disaster. If she wears something sexy and “in”, they’ll throw rude and indecent comments her way. Didn’t they know that these artists actually HAVE dress or outfit coordinators who DECIDES what they’re gonna wear? Yes, that’s what they’re HIRED FOR.

Yes, she looks slutty, skanky, whorish, whatever. But IS IT HER FAULT?

Recently, the singer HyunAh from girl group 4Minute was bashed and relentlessly attacked for wearing REAAAALLLLYYY short shorts in her BUBBLE POP performances. I’m not being biased just because I kinda like this girl. But give her a break. Those people saying she’s such a $lut or a W*ore for wearing such outfits are PATHETIC.

YES, it is shocking for a 17-year-old something to wear such skimpy attire but is it her fault? Let’s take a moment to look back and think about it again. Two words. “COORDINATOR NUNA”. The Korean term for those women who takes care of what they’re gonna wear. The stylist. The designer. Whatever you call them. I don’t really think the artist has any say on what he or she is going to wear on and even OFF stage. Yeah, so they can be casual OFF STAGE and wear what they want but WHAT IF they are required to ‘maintain their image’ even when they’re not performing? What if Hyunah was the ‘sexy’ one in her group and whether she likes it or not she needs to follow the management’s order — that she must wear sexy and revealing outfits no matter what or when…? Am I the ONLY one who thought of that? Let’s not be all RIGHTEOUS and hypocritical. In THIS generation, do you think wearing skimpy or skanky outfits are NOT common among teenagers? What are you, from the 1960s? *rolls eyes TWICE*

MY POINT is… it’s NOT just Hyunah. Even male artists gets heavily criticized for how they look, what they wear or what color their hair is. And it’s DEFINITELY not just in KPOP, although it’s really becoming contagious and out of hand in Kpop, I can say the same for Hollywood as well.

What it all comes down to is this: “Never judge a man’s actions until you know his motives“. We all have our reasons for doing what we do, liking what we like and disliking what we dislike. Yes, I judge them too, I say some comments about these people on TV too, but I don’t believe that what I see is the REAL them. I give them the benefit of a doubt. Why is it so hard for some people to do that? It’s so easy to judge them and say something negative about them but it’s too freaking difficult to say even the smallest of compliments huh? Tsk tsk. Human nature.

This is so beautiful.

HELL YEAH. ^.^Source:

DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the gifs and pictures here. Just googled them. 😀

And to end this rant, I’m gonna quote something once said my MOTHER TERESA OF CALCUTTA

If you judge people, you have no time to love them.