My Third Harry Potter Butterbeer [Tweedle Book Cafe]

My third Harry Potter butterbeer experience took place in the serene and less traveled streets of Tomas Morato, at a cozy, not-too-crowded place called Tweedle Book Cafe. My BFF slash butterbeer buddy, Ayen, found the place and, as self-proclaimed butterbeer connoisseurs, we decided to check it out.

She also realized something that I didn’t realize before. We have been doing this butterbeer tasting/hunting every year for the past three years. The first butterbeer we’ve had was at The Royal Piccadilly and Cakery in Katipunan. The second butterbeer tasting happened in a Harry Potter-themed cafe in Maginhawa Street, called The Nook.

They say that third time’s the charm, so here we go.

Getting to Tweedle Book Cafe at Tomas Morato was pretty easy, thanks to the wonders of modern technology and that thing called GRAB CAR.

We went there on a Saturday but, to our utter surprise and delight, there were only 3 customers in the cafe. It was pretty much empty. The moment I walked in, I felt an inexplicable thrill ran through my veins. It was like I was a young kid stepping inside an amusement park for the first time.

Tweedle Book Cafe does not just cater to Harry Potter fans so even if you’re not a fan of the series, you would still enjoy hanging out in this cafe.

The moment we got to the counter, we immediately checked out the menu. Like The Royal Piccadilly’s, Tweedle Book Cafe also offers two different kinds of butterbeer: a PG-13 one and a spiked one. The Tweedled Butterbeer (no alcohol) costs P170, while the Tweedle Jack’s Butterbeer (with alcohol) costs P200. Their butterbeers also contain nuts and cinnamon powder. So if you have a nut allergy, you better tell them outright.

We were not very hungry, but we wanted to eat something salty while drinking our potentially-too-sweet butterbeers. The owner recommended one of their appetizers: 3 Lil Pigs, which is Hungarian sausage, Schublig and bacon flakes tossed together. It costs P190 and it’s good for two not-so-hungry people. 🙂


The ambiance is very laid-back and snug. There are two bookshelves, one in the corner and one by the door. There are many “photo op worthy” areas, like the wall with the clocks and the homey couch outside. The most noticeable feature, IMO, is the Platform 9 3/4 glass door (which, I assumed leads to the kitchen). We were also mesmerized by the unique wooden ceiling with the last names of some famous writers printed on it. I kept on throwing glances at it and I even contemplated copying the idea for when I have my own house. A girl can dream, right? Haha!

On to the main event… the Tweedle Book Cafe Butterbeer! The presentation of the butterbeer was not as aesthetically pleasing as the others. It seemed like it was made higgledy piggledy. It was, by far, the most delicious butterbeer I’ve tasted. It wasn’t too sugary or caramel-y like the first two butterbeers. The sweetness was just right. The alcohol, though, was kinda strong for me. I forgot what alcohol they put in it but I think it was some kind of whiskey.

So if I have to rate all the butterbeers that I’ve tried so far, the first one was the most pleasing to the eyes, the second one was closer to the butterbeer that I’ve imagined, but was awfully sweet, and the third butterbeer was just the tastiest.


Staying at the Tweedle Book Cafe for almost 2 hours was a wonderfully relaxing experience. It was not crowded or noisy. It’s the perfect place to de-stress, do some home-based/online work, school project, etc. or simply unplug from the outside world.



Ayen and I really enjoyed reading one of the books there: The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories by Joseph Gordon Levitt and this “tiny” story was our fave. 😀




My Second Harry Potter Butterbeer [The Nook Cafe]

My friend Ayen and I are now officially (self-proclaimed) butterbeer connoisseurs. And nothing can stop us. LOL. My first Harry Potter butterbeer was at The Royal Piccadilly and of course, I wrote about it here. That was one of the best moments of my life. I honestly thought that would be the first and last butterbeer that I would ever have. Apparently, I was wrong. Now that He Who Must Not Be Named is gone, witches and wizards are getting more and more comfortable revealing themselves to the Muggles. Gone are the days when they feel the need to use invisibility spells and concealment charms to — oops! Sorry. Got carried away.



Unlike The Royal Piccadilly, The Nook at Maginhawa Street in QC does not just offer butterbeer, it is a paradise for Potterheads like me and my friend. The sign outside the door already sent shivers of excitement up and down my spine.


The cafe has two floors. There are three tables in front of the small counter and two outside. It’s pretty cozy, but kinda cramped. Everywhere we looked, we could see something from the magical world of Harry Potter — action figures, the snitch AND Harry’s very own Nimbus 2000 hanging up in the ceiling.


We were like kids in a candy store — just craning our necks and pointing excitedly as we looked around. When we arrived, the second floor was full. Fortunately, a ‘spot’ opened after about 5 minutes and we were asked if we wanted to go up.

Well, DUH.


12092310_10204938783569229_1225037967_n 12081626_10204938787689332_379121292_n 12071644_10204938787449326_1880068353_n

I was kinda tempted to touch the Nimbus 2000 as I went up the narrow stairs , but it was out of my reach. Boo. Right at the top of the stairs, on the coat stand, were Hogwarts robes from each of the four respective houses. Got dibs on Gryffindor! Haha!


There was also a time turner hanging on the wall, right beside the mirror. There are three small tables and cushions on the floor. We were asked to remove our shoes before moving to the far side of the room.




Let me just say, the mural painting of Hogsmeade on the wall was breathtakingly exquisite. Sitting right next to it, we couldn’t stop admiring the intricate and lifelike design.


There was a small bookshelf right behind us and in all fairness to them, they were quite updated with the latest novels. I saw a copy of Eleanor and Park and I was instantly delighted.

My eyes lit up like Christmas lights when I saw a box of CHOCOLATE FROGS on the shelf. I badly wanted to open it and gobble up all the chocolates inside… unfortunately, due to my over exuberance, I dropped it behind the bookshelf and I couldn’t get it back anymore. 😦 So I wasn’t able to take a selfie with it. :(((((


Going back to the ‘main event’ — the BUTTERBEER. They have a regular butterbeer which costs P100 and an up-sized one which costs P150. TBH, I would recommend you to get just the regular one. The so-called up-sized one isn’t THAT up-sized, if you know what I mean. There’s only a tiny bit of difference, like they just added a few drops or something. LOL. Just the mere sight of the butterbeer made me giddy and I couldn’t stop smiling like a fool. It was indeed a magical experience!


So Ayen and I had a lengthy discussion about which butterbeer is better: The Royal Piccadilly’s or The Nook’s? While the former gave us an option of whether or not we wanted it spiked, the latter was strictly for underage witches and wizards. The former has a scoop of vanilla ice cream, which makes it more like an ice cream float than a butterbeer, but it was cold enough. The latter tasted like a melted butterscotch candy and a hint of something else that I cannot seem to fathom. It sent us into a sugar rush with every sip. Both butterbeers tasted good, however, The Nook’s butterbeer hits all the right spot.

As self-proclaimed butterbeer connoisseurs, we therefore conclude that The Nook’s butterbeer is worth enduring ten Cruciatus curses. Okay, wait, no, that’s horrible. But, yeah, you get my point. ^_^


Mischief Managed!

My First Harry Potter Butterbeer [The Royal Piccadilly and Cakery]

As a Harry Potter fan, nothing could make me happier than knowing that some of the amazing stuff mentioned in the books (or shown in the movies) were actually REAL. Or at least there’s a version or a kind of it somewhere. 🙂 Aside from chocolate frogs and Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, I’ve always been curious about the famous butterbeer from Hogsmeade. Some of my friends sent me this secret recipe from Starbucks and it was the closest thing to a butterbeer that we Muggles could have. However, one of my Potterhead friends told me about this cozy Brit-style resto-bar that sells authentic Butterbeer. According to her, The Royal Piccadilly’s owners tried butterbeer in the UK and after a series of experiments and taste tests, they were able to concoct their own butterbeer recipe! There are two types of butterbeer that you can order here:  the normal, sweet, PG-13 butterbeer which tastes like butterscotch candy AND the ‘spiked’ butterbeer which has a shot of rum… I think. I’m not sure what the alcohol was but, oh boy, that made my head spin. Haha! My friend and I ordered one normal and one spiked. 🙂





At first, though, the waitress told us it was NOT available coz the “special” ice cream that they use for it is out of stock. I was NOT disappointed, okay. I was DEVASTATED! I came all the way from Baguio City — a city 7 hours away from Manila — just for this butterbeer!!! >_< It was so annoying coz the waitress was not so nice and we were trying to act all cute and kept on bugging her about it — we even offered to buy the ice cream if that’s all that was missing — but she didn’t even give us a ‘proper’ reaction or at least SMILE and sympathize with two crazy Potterheads. Ugh. Anyway, we ordered fish ‘n chips, of course, and some pasta with meatballs. They said it was only SINGLE serving and not for sharing but GDI look at the size of that FISH!



I was starving, yes, but I cannot devour that by myself! Haha! We ate for almost an hour and we were still hoping that the butterbeer would be available anytime soon. Haha! After staying there for 87 minutes — yes I have proof coz they printed that out in the receipt LOL!



We were ready to go and we billed out already… but we decided to ask another waitress about the butterbeer. Yep, we are NOT leaving without a taste of butterbeer! We asked her if it is available and she was nice enough to actually TRY telling the people in the kitchen to make us some butterbeer! Or maybe she got sick and tired of us and just wanted us to leave already. Hahaha! We must have had a sign on our foreheads that says “WE ARE NOT LEAVING WITHOUT THE BUTTERBEER!” LOL XD She said “I will try to find a way to get you some butterbeer” and SHE DID!!! I so wanna hug her and tip her big! And I wanted to throw some meatballs at that other waitress who couldn’t be bothered with our request. Ugh.

Minutes later, we got our butterbeers and when I took the first sip I felt euphoric~ It was probably coz I didn’t stir it and all the rum below went straight to my head or something. Hahaha! I really enjoyed every sip! It was, as cliche-ish as it might sound, magical. 🙂

I highly recommend it to all the Harry Potter fans out there. 

Here are some pics of this must-visit classy and spectacular place.