Four additional cast for the Beautiful Creatures movie!



Thomas Mann as Link

Kami Garcia announced the latest additions to the cast of the BEAUTIFUL CREATURES movie! I literally squealed with excitement!!! First is THOMAS MANN who will be playing LINK. Well, he has that ‘naughty/mischievous’ look on his face so I guess he’ll pass. But he kinda looked boy-ish next to Emmy Rossum who is going to play Ridley… Hmmm… Anyway.

Second is Margo Martindale as Aunt Del. Can’t say anything much but she looks Aunt-ish enough. 😀

Margo Martindale as Aunt Del

Next up is Rachel Brosnahan playing popular girl Emily Asher. She looks bitchy and irritating enough. 😀 But she’s pretty and I heard she was in Gossip Girl

Red head Rachel Brosnahan as Emily Asher

Then there’s pretty Zoey Deutch as Genevieve Duchannes. Gahd. She’s gorgeous! Hands down!

AND LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST! My fave character… the one I was looking forward to… Macon Ravenwood’s part goes to….

JEREMY IRONS. Well, it’s not YET official. It’s still in negotiation… but, yeah, well… he’s kinda… too OLD for me? I kinda imagined Uncle Macon (like how I imagined Sirius Black from Harry Potter) – old but NOT THAT OLD… Jeremy’s a good actor though so I have no complaints… It’s just that… yeah, I’m in love with Macon’s character here… so I kinda pictured him as someone like this… ^___^

My Ideal Macon: Shane Brolly 😀




My dreams just came true! I’ve been wishing for a movie adaptation of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES ever since and I just found out recently that there is INDEED going to be a MOVIE!!! OMG. I’m the happiest person right now!!! 😀

To top it all off, the lovely Emma Thompson is playing BOTH Sarafine and Mrs. Lincoln!!! Wow. This is going too well. Viola Davis is supposed to play AMMA, but it’s not yet confirmed.

How surprised was I to find that they already casted someone for Ethan and Lena! And… I dunno them. Haha. But looking at the pics, I think they’re okay. I didn’t really expect Ethan to be THAT handsome… just kinda cute. 😀

 Jack O’Connell will play Ethan.













Lena’s part will be played by Alice Englert.

Now I’m absolutely dying with excitement to find out who’s gonna play my fave character MACON RAVENWOOD~ Oh please do not disappoint me casting directors!!!  PLEEAAAASSSEEE! ^.^

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