So I’ve been listening nonstop to One Direction‘s Take Me Home album ever since it was released.

I never thought I would go crazy over a foreign boy band again, much more a British one. I actually tried to avoid this group at first. Even though almost all my friends are pushing me to check them out and they were all blabbering about them, I still didn’t budge. Of course I did like ‘What makes you beautiful’, I mean, that is like the anthem of all the girls in the world. However, my interest eventually waned out. I did download some of their songs like ‘Taken’,Gotta be you‘, ‘More than this‘, ‘Save you tonight‘ and ‘Na na na‘. Those that my friends recommended or I’ve come across on the Internet while I’m bored or something. Then there’s ‘Up All Night‘ and ‘One Thing‘. That’s when I realized their songs are actually good. But still, I kinda thought they were one of those groups who all have good-looking members but only two of them can actually sing. OR they can all sing but only two of them are ALLOWED to sing. LOL.

Anyway, since I’m still obsessing over my K-POP fandom at that time, I still didn’t have the energy to be a REAL FAN of One Direction. I initially liked Louis Tomlinson and I kinda researched him, saved some pics, followed him on Twitter. But that’s it. I just heard some news and tidbits of info about them from my fangirl friends every now and then. It’s not like I’m completely uninterested but I kinda thought they’re gonna be this short-lived sensation or something like a three-to-five-hit-wonder.

Enter One Direction‘s new album ‘Take Me Home‘. I was still doubtful about it at first. But then my friends and I spent a whole weekend singing and dancing along to their single ‘Live While We’re Young‘. We also made this crazy video reaction to their ‘Little Things‘ music video. That’s when I’ve realized I’m really starting to like these Brit dudes.

I’m not really an expert when it comes to music reviews. My taste in music is extremely flexible. I can’t even tell what my standards are or how I gauge a particular song. Sometimes it’s the melody, sometimes it’s the beat or rhythm… most of the times it’s the lyrics. I don’t have a particular genre that I’m more inclined to listen to as well.

Moving on, here are my fangirl reactions/ reviews to the songs in One Direction‘s Take Me Home album. ^^

1. Live While We’re Young – If there’s an award that should be given to One Direction, it should be the ‘Anthem Maker Award’. Like their hit What Makes You Beautiful, this one is an anthem for all the youngsters, tweens, teenagers, in-betweeners and even the young at heart. It has a similar feel to ‘Up All Night’ but I like this one better. It just tells us to “screw those grown ups and live life to the fullest”.

2. Kiss You – I don’t care if it’s in a public or crowded area, if this song starts playing I would jump and dance around like a demented woman. LOL. From the moment Malik sang the first verse, I was instantly banging my head crazily and making up insane choreography. It’s a great song to start your day and uplift your mood. I can so imagine the boys jumping around and just dancing around in the MV.

3. Little Things – Another anthem for the romantic ones. The lyrics would just shoot right through your heart and melt your soul. This is the kind of song that would make me fall head over heels in love with a guy. I dunno how they do it but I think every normal girl in the world could totally relate with at least one or two lines in the lyrics. I was definitely able to relate to 5 lines in it. ^^ My friends and I totally had fun mimicking Louis’s thick British accent while he was singing the ‘cup of tea’ part. XD But I totally adore Liam’s and Harry’s lines.

“I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes… when you smile… You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, but I’ll love them endlessly~”

“I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape, you’ve never want to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you’re perfect to me~”

4. C’mon C’mon – I love all the songs in the album but of course there would be some songs that I’d love more than the others. This one is kinda in the bottom. Don’t get me wrong. I liked it when I first listened to it. The story that the lyrics tell is actually pretty thoughtful and sweet. Zayn’s and Harry’s powerful voices are manifested in this song and I like that. It’s just that… I can put the others songs on loop and not get tired of it but I kinds skipped this one several times. ^^

5. Last First Kiss – Another song that spells ROMANTIC with a capital R. This song is soooooo sweet and heart-melting that from the moment I heard it I felt shivers and goosebumps all over. The blend of the boys’ voices plus the sweet melody and of course the lovely lyrics just made it the most perfect couple song ever. I would DIE if my boyfriend sings this to me. But of course it’s even better if One Direction sings it to me though. Hehehe. Plus, I just love it when Zayn and Harry hit the high notes. 😀

6. Heart Attack – A chillaxing song about a terrible break-up. I actually liked this song so much because of the beat and the rhythm. If you just listened to it without understanding the lyrics, you’d think it’s a happy song about random stuff under the sun. But it’s actually about moving on from a break-up. Maybe that’s what the boys were going for though – an ironic song about love. It’s a wonderful song to listen to if you’re feeling exhausted or depressed in your everyday life. Just ignore the lyrics though. ^^

7. Rock Me – This is the ‘We Will Rock You‘ song. The beat would definitely remind you of that song and it would stick to your head. I like the “R-O-C-K me again” part. It’s kinda addictive to listen and sing along to this song.

8. Change My Mind – This song caught my attention at first because of the fact that Louis sang the first verse. That is quite an achievement I think coz Louis never had more than two lines in the past. LOL. Much more sing the first few lines in a song. I actually like his voice, not just coz he’s my bias, but coz it has that distinct quality. I could easily tell if it was him singing. 😀 This is my fave out of all the ballads. It used to be ‘Last First Kiss’ but the more I listened to this, the more I loved it. I especially liked Zayn and Harry’s parts. Their voices are just mind blowing.

“Never felt like this befo~ore…
Are we friends or are we mo~re…
As I’m walking t’wards the do~or…
I’m not sure…”

9. I Would – Another fun and exciting song to listen and sing along to. I absolutely adore the lyrics and rhythm of this song. It’s very playful and kinda cute. Listening to it would always make me smile like a fool. It kinds reminds me of my teenage years. Those were the days. *sighs* They say that every song has a story to tell. I think this song’s story is very common and something that even guys can relate to. I should emphasize that I absolutely love the bridge part where Louis sings and Zayn hits the high notes. Now who’s got those ’27 tattoos’ that Louis was singing about? LOL.

10. Over Again – Another song that I cannot really relate to but I did enjoy listening to. All thanks to Louis and his ‘showers that are British’. LOL. I find it difficult to sing along to this song but it’s very relaxing to listen to.

11. Back For You – This reminds me of an A1 song… if I’m not mistaken it’s ‘Take On Me‘. The melody at the start really sounds like that song. Hehe. Anyway, this is another one of those songs where I can totally imagine the MV. I kinda see the boys doing some cute hand-gesture-dance in this one – similar to the ‘in betweeners dance’ and the ‘row row row your boat dance’. These boys are just adorable even though they do some stupid and random stuff. Plus Harry’s voice here is just AWESOME.

12. They Don’t Know About Us – My third fave ballad. I’m kinda guessing it’s about one of the boys’ dating experience with another celebrity or singer. I love how honest and sweet the lyrics are. It totally reflects one of their past (or maybe present ^^) relationship. I could so imagine the MV and Harry would be the lead actor. Haha. Maybe it’s about Harry and Taylor Swift. LOL. I just love how a song like this got to me when I haven’t really experienced anything like this.

13. Summer Love – I can only say one thing about this song. It sounds like a Blue song. Or, like what my friend said, it sounds like a song that features Justin Timberlake. ^^ It has that groovy, club-ish feel to it. Something you’d hear playing in a club or a bar.

I really love this album. It’s as simple as that. It’s been a while since I actually listened to and liked a FULL English album. I’ve been into K-POP for more than four years now that I forgot how it feels like to sing along to English songs and actually understand what I’m singing about. It feels fantastic. Music like this makes me feel alive… wild, young and free.

So yeah, let’s live while we’re young! ^-^


Writer’s Block: Ten songs that I’d cover in ‘MY ALBUM’

 This is a Recording

If you were to make an album consisting of only covers, which songs would you pick to sing?

Ooohhh~ difficult question. I would probably want to pick like a hundred songs to cover… but of course there’s no time to list them all down.

I guess I’ll just give ten… for now 😀

1. Crazy for you – Madonna >> Yes. This song has been covered a gazillion time already but I still want to do my own version simply coz it’s a classic. 😀

2. Miss you – Incubus >> This song really makes me emotional whenever I try to sing it. But I’d like to do a reggae-ish or RnB cover of this.

3. Scream ~ WYRD – unpopular song from an equally unpopular group… *sighs* where are they now? ^^

4. Honestly ~ Harem Scarem >> I just love this song. It might be a bit difficult to sing though. ^_^;;

5. Why did I fall in love with you? (どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?) – Tohoshinki – One of the BEST non-English love songs I’ve ever heard.

6. Stay the same ~ Joey Mclntyre – A song that I can totally relate to.

7. Romantic Cat (낭만고양이) ~ Cherry Filter

8. Heavenly Psycho ~ Kanjani8 – I just adore this song and I’d love to sing it… if I can. 😀

9. Lose yourself ~ Eminem >> One of my fave Eminem songs ever.

10. Screaming Infidelities ~ Dashboard Confessional – HANDS DOWN. No pun intended. Hehe.

**Question taken from LJ ^^ 

Hyped up with Jay Chou’s Exclamation Mark!!!

Jay Chou as the Hydrophobic Sailor~ LOL

I totally love Jay Chou’s album! 😀 I don’t usually listen that much to CPOP… I mean, I do listen to some songs every now and then but I can’t appreciate all of them. I get tired of it easily… and I don’t get any recommendations so I actually have no idea who are the good artists or what are the good songs. ^_^;;; Maybe it’s just NOT my jam. Not my kind of music. BUT Jay’s album changed all that. I was actually able to listen to ALL the songs in the album without skipping anything and at the end of it I WANTED MORE. 😀 I’ve been listening to it all morning and I never get tired of any songs. I’m lovin’ it more and more. ^__^ But of course I have my fave tracks – The world’s not over, Princess Syndrome, Piano Hurt, Mine Mine and Hyrophobic Sailor. ^.^ I can’t get enough of it!

I love the fact that I can hear the distinct sounds of more than one musical instrument in every song. And unlike other artists who’d stick to one genre, I heard more than one genre throughout the album. I heard pop, of course, ballad, rock, hiphop, RnB and even some jazzy-traditional-sounding music that kinda reminded me of Lee Hom. ^^ It’s definitely one cool and wonderful album packed with different genres and melodies that would surely get stuck in your head for a long time, you can tap your foot into the beat and it will brighten up your mood. 😀

01 Exclamation Mark, 惊叹号 [ MV ]
02 Enchanting Melody, 迷魂曲
03 Mine Mine
04 Princess Syndrome, 公主病
05 How Are You, 你好吗
06 Healing Hot Meat Buns, 疗伤烧肉粽
07 Piano Hurt, 琴伤
08 Hydrophobic Sailor, 水手怕水
09 The World’s Not Over, 世界未末日
10 Shadow Puppetry, 皮影戏
11 Race Goddess, 超跑女神

You can hear all the songs here.

~Under the Music Radar~ [LED Apple]

[MV] I accidentally ran into you by LED Apple

In fairness to this ‘idol’ band, I really LOVE all the songs they released. I can say I’m a fan of their music no matter how TYPICAL Kpop it is. Although when it comes to their appearances, charisma & live performances, I’m not THAT amused. ^__^;;

This group met a lot of BAD incidents and accidents earlier into their career. I didn’t keep track of how many times they changed members, but from what I saw in this MV– the two vocalists and the bassists are NEW. 😀 They’re kinda cute… in their own way. Haha. The LED Apple that I came to know didn’t have any cute members before. 😀

So I stumbled upon them way back when I saw a pic of them over at soompi

I liked how they arranged Baek Jiyoung‘s hit ballad ‘DASH’ and made it sound cool and rock-ish. 😀 It was pretty cool. The vocals are NOT that amazing or breath-taking but it’s enough to keep me listening. Their second single “Who do you think you are” met criticisms due to the fact that it sounded like a CNBLUE song… and yeah, it DID… in some ways. But I still LOVED that song. It was catchy and the melody was easy to recall. ^^

Now they’re back with “I accidentally ran into you“. The intro sounded a bit like INFINITE’s DASI DORAWA. Hahaha. But well, well, well, the song is pretty good. I’m glad they didn’t lose their ‘touch’. I first watched the DRAMA VERSION of the MV starring the pretty, doll-like actress Nam Gyuri and I was really touched by the story… T__T Such beautiful tragedy. The guy in the MV was kinda cute, I think he’s the bassist — Kwangyeon. ^__^

Moving on… 😀

Probably the only thing that made me say ‘WTF?!’ when I first saw them perform was the fact that they were… DANCING. Yes. As in DANCING with a capital D. -.- They’re supposed to be a band but I dunno… I thought they’re trying to be different or something. Well, I was half-right. Their company, Story Ent., stated:

“Led Apple is unlike any other idol group that reveals their members before their actual debut. The group has been kept highly secretive in order to make sure their success is entirely dependent on their skills. They’ll become an idol group that can dance, sing ballad, rock, ballad, and play instruments all at once.”

OH… kay. ‘Nuff said. 😀 Let them be. As long as they make good music, music I can actually listen to and put onloop in my mp3 player, then so be it. Dance all you want boys. Haha.

Hope to hear more great music from these supposedly ‘idol-rock-band > ^__^ <

credit: gifs are from shikissun

~Under the Music Radar~

MYNAME ~ Message

MYNAME – Message

Despite the VERY Korean way of saying MESSAGE all throughout this song (ME-SI-JI), I still found it cute and tolerable. You know me, I just love POP. Dirty pop. XD

There’s nothing really special about the song — it’s traditional KPOP from roots to tips. Haha. It’s just that I found it very catchy from the minute the song started… which IS something —in my case… Since I’m not that EASY to please nowadays. 😀 I got my groove on and I almost want to dance to this song. Of course I have a fave member— Saeyong- the red hair rapper/dancer ~ Love his RIGIDING-RIGIDONG parts 😀

I think these boys are okay but I’m NOT in the mood to pay full attention to any newbies or rookies right now… I stopped with Block B and B1A4. -.- I just like the song. That’s it. 😀 Now go listen if you wanna know why. 😀

Here’s a perf @ Inkigayo

~Music Radar: Dance to the beat of N.Sonic~

Okay. Since I love music and I just like listening to all sorts of music (well, except jazz and classical XD) I will start this music-recommendation-thingy which I call the “MUSIC RADAR”. I’ll be recommending not just the popular songs and albums…

TO BE FAIR, I’ll try to listen to some indie, upcoming, underground artists and groups as well. I promise NOT to focus on KPOP. AND… I solemnly swear that I will give my honest opinion and will not be so biased. Unless… my biases REALLY deserve to be in my MUSIC RADAR. 😀

I’ll start off with this Kpop boy group N.Sonic. I just saw their album at KPOP7.com where I usually download the latest KPOP albums… and I thought they’re like a hip-hop duo or trio… I listened to their songs and instantly LOVE all four of them due to the smooth and relaxing melody and groovy beats.

Track 1 – N. Sonic is sort of like a combination of urban, pop and  hip-hop. It’s my fave track. Track 2 – Super Boy, this one I can dance to. It’s more upbeat and less hip-hop than Track 1 and it kinda reminds me of a Billy Crawford song. They kinda mellowed down with Track 3, something you’d dance to with your special someone in a club, while Track 4 – Never Stop is something that I can bob my head and raise my hands up to. 😀

I don’t know anything about this group coz I didn’t Google them AND I’d like to keep it that way. ^^ I dunno but I like them for their music and I have no intention of getting to know them na. 😀 Just strictly music.

Check em out~ 

Psyched up for Guckkasten! @_@

Psychedelic rock is a style of rock music that is inspired or influenced by psychedelic culture and attempts to replicate and enhance the mind-altering experiences of psychedelic drugs. ~ Wikipedia

So my student and I were talking about rock concerts and bands and she mentioned this indie rock group. At first I didn’t catch their name so I asked her to spell it out. 😀 I immiediately googled them and of course I downloaded their album 😀 This song really stuck to me instantly. I like the fact that most of their songs have more ‘melody’ or ‘instrumental’ parts… it doesn’t have that much lyrics so it’s not really the ‘noisy and loud’ kind of rock. I liked it because it has just the right amount of rock and it’s quite… addictive… to say the least. I was trying to get some power nap while listening to their album but I wasn’t able to sleep. There was something about the piercing sound of the guitar and the hauntingly beautiful vocals that kept me awake… Some of their songs actually have apsychedelic rock feel to it… It’s addictive and haunting at the same time. it makes me dizzy yet I still want more. @.@ 

I can’t really compare them to any other band… so it’s good because it feels like the first time I’m hearing something extraordinary like this. ^^ I’m not very particular with rock music. I just listen to them based on recommendations or popularity… I do pay attention to the rhythm and how ‘ROCK’ their songs are… I have my ‘rock meter’ XD I don’t like sth TOO ROCK or TOO FAKE ROCK… ^^;;;

Another thing that amuses me about them… their songs are freakin’ long. Each song is longer than 4 minutes. But you don’t get bored with it. The melody and the beat just draws you in and you enjoy it as you listen to it more. ^^ AND they can mellow down, like in their song “GAVIAL”, so it’s not just purely rock. But then again… we can still hear the screeching sound of the guitar at the end of that song…^^;;

Out of habit, I decided to GOOGLE them… although it doesn’t really matter that much if they’re good-looking or not because it’s THEIR MUSIC that I like… I just tend to do that, you know– GOOGLE everyone. ^^

They’re all older than me… and they all look like serious indie rock musicians. No one looks like someone who can pass an audition for a Kpop flower boy idol group or something. Thank god. XD

But it’s kinda amusing that they have a member named KIM KIBUM. XD I bet it’s either of those guys wearing shorts… XD

^ Another thing that I like is their fashion style…? Haha. I was expecting to see some GACKT or HYDE-looking dudes or someone who looks like a fanboy of Marily Manson… or atleast Aerosmith… ^^;;; But they look… normal… to say the least. Hehe. 😀

“I tried making sense of it, and then I realized I should be trying to make sense as to why I was even trying to make sense… “ ~ Psychedelic quote from http://www.shroomery.org

CR: I don’t own anything. NOTHING. If you own them, lemme know. I will definitely credit you. 😀

If you don’t SUCK, you won’t SUCKSEED~

A teen comedy about a group of high-school students who form a band even though they’re not remotely gifted with music. Their intention is to impress girls. But when a pretty young student turns up and wants to join the band as a guitarist, things start to get interesting.

Title: SuckSeed ห่วยขั้นเทพ
Director: Chayanop Boonprakob
 Cast: Jirayu La-ongmanee, Natcha Nuanjam, Pashorn Jiratiwat, Thawat Pornrattanaprasert
Rating: 15+ Musical comedy

~ enjoythaimovies.com

Thai teen movies really have a soft spot in my heart. I don’t know why but I’ve only seen quite a few –mostly with the gorgeous MARIO MAURER in it ^.^ — and I just fell in love with all of them. Maybe because Thailand has a homey feel to it. Our cultures are somewhat similar. The stories are simple and I can really relate to them. Even the ‘high school life’ and the band scene is almost the same. 😀

Aside from the fact that this movie has two cute dudes and one pretty dudette… it also has one of my favorite things in the world –MUSIC. Although I have to admit that the scenes where a random singer or band would start appearing beside the actors and start singing were just incredibly hilarious and too “bollywood” or high school musical for me. So I kinda forwarded them. XD  It reminded me of this Saturday morning TV series called ‘MAYNILA’ where a random singer would start singing amidst some scenes… XP

Anyway… this movie has just the right amount of teenage romance, friendship, a bit of family and school drama and of course HUMOR. Thais really have a penchant for humor, even in horror films. XD The movie focuses on the lives of three struggling musicians and how they deal with everyday dilemma in school, with girls and  their music– life in general. I have to admit though that the first few parts of the movie were quite ho-hum coz they gave too much air time on their ‘elementary’ days. Yes, it is necessary to build up the story… but it kinda made the start a bit drawn out… After that ‘period’ though, the pacing got better. We get to see the teenagers now and it was so much better. 😀

Pretty Natcha ~ I bet she's haffu or something 😀

I have to say, the girl who plays Earn – Natcha Nuanjam – was just so elegantly beautiful. Her face is hard to forget. It could be elegant and simple at the same time. I think she can play both good and bad characters. ^.^

Natcha as the incredible guitarist Earn Morrison ~

I’m not sure if she’s REALLY a singer or of she really plays the guitar… if she does then she’s totally my IDOL now. 😀 She totally rocked during those scenes where she showed her excellent and hardcore guitar skills. ^^

The love TRIANGLE. >_> it would've been more fun if khung's twin, kae, joined in this. haha. it'd be a SQUARE.

As for Khung and Kae ~ they’re my favorite characters. ^^ Okay, it’s actually played by just one really cute and talented dude — Pashorn Jiratiwat aka PEACH. My first impression of him was “He kinda looks like this Filipino rapper/actor– ELMO MAGALONA.” ^^

Patchara "Peach" as both Khung and Kae ~He resembled Patchara right...? ^.^He resembled Patchara right...? ^.^

Anyway, I have to say this kis is really good for a newbie. He actually convinced me that KHUNG AND KAE are REALLY twins and are being played by two REAL LIFE twins. Even after I found out that it was the SAME PERSON, I still felt like I’m seeing double. 😀  Pretty much like how Lindsay Lohan pulled it off in the Parents’ Trap. ^^


I don’t know why I really like his (KHUNG ^^) character although he was such a loser and more or less pathetic throughout the movie. I think because he is REALISTICALLY real. I’ve met a lot of guys like him. Those who are really talented but can’t seem to get out of their comfort zone and step up to the plate. He started off as the ‘talented twin’ because he could play the guitar at an early age. But then he grew up to be this loser, wannabe-in-a-rock-band dude who’s in love with his best friend. *LOL*

The three SUCKERS who SUCKSEED-ed. XD

Well, no, not really. But I think he’s too needy and he sticks to Ped too much. And Ped even dumped Earn– the girl of his dreams just for Khung… So Earn was like, “I envy Khung… Are you GAY?” XD XD XD

I like it how his face crumples everytime he tries to do some rock-ish scream XD

ANYWAY. About Ped. Yes, he’s cute and all. He channels the ‘boy-next-door-looks’ or the boy-you’re-gonna-take-home-to-your-parents but… I don’t really like him that much. He’s the exact opposite of Khung. He’s timid, quiet and he keeps everything to himself, most of the time. It’s annoying for girls to have a ‘guessing game’ whether or not the guy likes them. I mean, he’s gonna be all nice and sweet to Earn then if she comes too close, he’ll push her away and deny his feelings. I understand that they’re young and they’re still in high school.

TORPE! Just tell her you love her! DUH. She feels it naman. And she feels the same way.

WHATEVER. It’s the 20th effing century kids. GROW UP. XD Britney Spears’s younger sister got pregnant at the age of 13! Haha. Anyway. It just irked me a bit how dense and ‘torpe’ he was. If the girl is showing interest in you, then GET A DAMN CLUE! She likes you too. Otherwise she’ll be ignoring you right? *sighs* And then he’s gonna get all jealous and put on his PITY-ME-FACE upon seeing his BFF making moves on her. THE FCK IS THIS. >_<  Sorry, got carried away… had the same experience… Haha.

The Retard BFF, the in-denial/torpe BFF and THE GIRL. XD

It’s nice to watch movies like this every now and then. I mean, no matter how hard they persevered and tried to get popular, in the end, there was still something missing. They still lack something. I was annoyed at Khung when he suddenly stormed out on them in the middle of the performance just coz he felt betrayed when Ped didn’t tell him about him and Earn… but I realized he has every right to do that. If I were him, I wouldn’t have started the performance at all. I would’ve walked out right then and there. ~__~ I think it’s not about who she likes, it’s about Ped being honest to himself and to his friends. He should’ve admitted it to his friends– his best friend– at least. That way there wouldn’t have been any misunderstandings and broken hearts.

Nakakasira talaga ng friendship and LOVE. XD Charot.

I think the title is really creative and pretty cool. At first it I thought it was just some stupid band name with no deeper meaning whatsoever. But then when I saw this poster…

"Sometimes you got to suck, before you SUCKSEED." TRUE. ^-^

I thought, wow. So that’s what it means. Haha. But I agree, everyone who’s ‘successful’ and ‘popular’ now were not ALWAYS like that. We all start as a LOSER… a NOBODY… someone UNPOPULAR and irrelevant. We only gain success after all the hardships and trials we experience. That’s why we don’t ‘suck’ anymore because we graduated from that. We are SO OVER that phase in our lives. We’ve gained more confidence and we were able to make it to the top. 😀 So it’s better to suck first, then SUCKSEED  later XD Than to SUCKSEED at first then suck later… right? What am I saying. Haha.

I highly recommend this movie. And can I just say I LOVE THE OST. I don’t really listen to Thai songs coz they sound weird and creepy sometimes… but the songs here are just COOL AND FANTASTIC. 😀

To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence.

– These boys have both. Plenty of both. Haha.

Exactly my thoughts. ^^

Ok. So I’m not a BIG fan of Park Bom… I used to think she ROCKS because she can belt out any tune with such little effort… But when she became a part of 2NE1… something changed. Well… it’s not just about her voice quality… It’s more like her FACE totally changed. She got surgery… I think botox… and some lip plumping thingy… There was a time when just looking at her is too painful… I don’t know what’s wrong with her face, but there was DEFINITELY something WRONG.
-__- It’ s like she couldn’t open her mouth properly or something… ANYWAY, she went solo with YOU AND I a few months back and I totally loved it. I though, WOW… I never thought I’d love her voice again. 🙂

 The song really fits her vocal range. It brought out the best of her singing skills without overdoing it or something. Although her voice’s distinctive sound– the belt-it-out-ear-piercing-sort-of-iffy sound that only she can create XD —  I don’t get tired of hearing it… Unlike with other singers whose voices are amazing/ awesome but you get tired (or irked) easily if you hear it often…

Now, Park Bom is back with Don’t Cry– another sure hit produced by the one and only TEDDY of 1TYM. The moment I heard it I was like WOAH! It’s very catchy and it has that TRADEMARK Bom sound… I can’t explain it but it’s the right song for the right voice and the right image (that she portrays… )^^ It’s just PERFECT for her. Teddy boy indeed knows who can sing his composition BEST. :))) I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love the other 2NE1 members, although they’re getting OUT OF REACH nowadays because of some stupid YG rule or law or whatever.. ANYWAY, they can all sing… well, except for Dara… *lols* BUT Bom is the only one who can belt out this tune. That’s for sure. ^___^

I just love the mix of her ear-piercing vocals with the beautiful and upbeat melody and the lovely beats. I bet they lyrics are good too. But I haven’t googled it yet.

This review by allkpop shared my views about this wonderful song. ^^ http://www.allkpop.com/2011/05/review-dont-cry-by-park-bom

And of course, here’s the song… I prefer the ACOUSTIC version. ❤


NOW, this is KPOP. :)

B1A4 ~ bringing back the real KPOP ^^

I’m currently listening to this new Kpop group — B1A4… I first saw the music video for their single O.K. and I found majority of the members cute… in a pedo-noona way. haha. But hey, they sound pretty cool… I mean, nothing extraordinary or groundbreaking… but their music brings back old memories of my Kpop fangirl days… It screams bubblegum pop and epitomizes the whole idea of KPOP. This is WHAT Kpop is about. ^___^ I miss listening to these cheerful and uplifting songs with melodies and beats that make me wanna bob my head and shake my butt. And those repetitive and catchy lines that sticks to your head until you start singing it subconsciously… ^^ Of course I dont’t understand what these kids are saying or implying but that’s what Kpop is all about– something you don’t understand but you still LIKE it. For me, I LOVE IT… I hope my bias Kpop groups like 2pm, Beast, Infinite, Teen Top and ZEA can go back to being KPOP… Enough with the Beastly/Darth Vader concepts guys! ~__~

And don’t get me started on Bigbang. Seriously.
OK – B1A4