~Under the Music Radar~

MYNAME ~ Message

MYNAME – Message

Despite the VERY Korean way of saying MESSAGE all throughout this song (ME-SI-JI), I still found it cute and tolerable. You know me, I just love POP. Dirty pop. XD

There’s nothing really special about the song — it’s traditional KPOP from roots to tips. Haha. It’s just that I found it very catchy from the minute the song started… which IS something —in my case… Since I’m not that EASY to please nowadays. 😀 I got my groove on and I almost want to dance to this song. Of course I have a fave member— Saeyong- the red hair rapper/dancer ~ Love his RIGIDING-RIGIDONG parts 😀

I think these boys are okay but I’m NOT in the mood to pay full attention to any newbies or rookies right now… I stopped with Block B and B1A4. -.- I just like the song. That’s it. 😀 Now go listen if you wanna know why. 😀

Here’s a perf @ Inkigayo


~Music Radar: Dance to the beat of N.Sonic~

Okay. Since I love music and I just like listening to all sorts of music (well, except jazz and classical XD) I will start this music-recommendation-thingy which I call the “MUSIC RADAR”. I’ll be recommending not just the popular songs and albums…

TO BE FAIR, I’ll try to listen to some indie, upcoming, underground artists and groups as well. I promise NOT to focus on KPOP. AND… I solemnly swear that I will give my honest opinion and will not be so biased. Unless… my biases REALLY deserve to be in my MUSIC RADAR. 😀

I’ll start off with this Kpop boy group N.Sonic. I just saw their album at KPOP7.com where I usually download the latest KPOP albums… and I thought they’re like a hip-hop duo or trio… I listened to their songs and instantly LOVE all four of them due to the smooth and relaxing melody and groovy beats.

Track 1 – N. Sonic is sort of like a combination of urban, pop and  hip-hop. It’s my fave track. Track 2 – Super Boy, this one I can dance to. It’s more upbeat and less hip-hop than Track 1 and it kinda reminds me of a Billy Crawford song. They kinda mellowed down with Track 3, something you’d dance to with your special someone in a club, while Track 4 – Never Stop is something that I can bob my head and raise my hands up to. 😀

I don’t know anything about this group coz I didn’t Google them AND I’d like to keep it that way. ^^ I dunno but I like them for their music and I have no intention of getting to know them na. 😀 Just strictly music.

Check em out~