What I’m watching, why I’m watching them and why you should watch them too PART 1

Hi, I’m Irick. I’m a couch potato.

Is there like some sort of meeting similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, but it’s for couch potatoes like me? I would definitely attend a meeting like that.

According to urban dictionary, a couch potato is “a lazy person who does nothing but sit on the couch and watch television”.

Being a couch potato is addictive. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never tried drugs or any mind-altering substances. But watching TV series gives me some sort of “high”. I feel euphoric with every 40-minute episode.

I don’t have a television. Or a couch. I get my daily dose of American television series from the wonderful Wizard of Oz. Kidding. I search every nook and cranny of the Internet for the TV series that I regularly watch. Whereas most people would opt for the popular “torrent” as way of downloading illegally, I’m more of a “direct link” downloader. I find it easier and more convenient.

Anyway, I’ve been meaning to blog about the TV series and sitcoms that I’m watching, but I haven’t had the time until now. I don’t really do “reviews”, so this will be more like: Why I’m watching it, Why you should watch it, What irks me about it. So, here it goes.

*2 BROKE GIRLS – A story of two diner waitresses, Caroline and Max, who became good friends despite their very different background (and philosophy) in life.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: Now on it’s season 5, it’s still one of the funniest sitcoms I’ve ever seen. There’s also that touching story of unlikely friendship between Caroline and Max.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: It’s hilarious, full of sarcasm, slightly racist jokes and interesting characters.
WHAT IRKS ME ABOUT IT: Sophie. She used to be funny, but she’s kind of a nuisance now. I think the writers are trying hard to make her funny. The show could go on without her, imo.
*11.22.63 – A sci-fi series based on Stephen King’s book, starring James Franco. Basically, he time travels into the past in order to save John F. Kennedy from getting assassinated.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: Stephen King. James Franco. Sci-Fi. Time travel. There’s nothing more to say.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: Stephen King. James Franco. Sci-Fi. Time travel. There’s nothing more to say.
WHAT IRKS ME ABOUT IT: There are only 5 episodes so far, so I have no complaints about it… yet.

*BABY DADDY – Womanizer Ben Wheeler was left in care of a baby – his daughter from a one-night stand. Since then, his life has turned upside down.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: Hottie alert! What Jean-Luc Bilodeau might lack in height, he makes up for in his charms and good looks. Derek Theler, on the other hand, is the epitome of tall, not-so-dark and handsome.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: It’s hilarious and realistic at the same time. It has the typical family drama and issues, but it’s 100 times funnier than real life.
WHAT IRKS ME ABOUT IT: The “love triangle” between Ben, Riley and Danny isn’t that amusing anymore.

*BATES MOTEL – We all know this story. It’s a classic. It’s the prequel of the suspense thriller film “Psycho” about a young, disturbed Norman Bates and his mother Norma Bates.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: Hottie alert! Freddie Highmore isn’t just gorgeous, he also gave life to this classic character with his incredible acting skills.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: If you’re into psychological thrillers and shit like that, then why not?
WHAT IRKS ME ABOUT IT: Norma Bates would sometimes get under my skin with her insane outbursts and incessant nagging. But then again, she’s a mother.

*CHICAGO FIRE – It’s about the drama and action in the lives of the firefighters of the Chicago Fire Department.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: Fire + hot and handsome firefighters = HELL YEAH.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: It will keep your cold night blazin’ hot.
WHAT IRKS ME ABOUT IT: Lots of annoying characters. Recently, there was a character named “Chili”, who was one of the paramedics. There is no word that could emphasize how “extremely annoying” she was. I swear I was so relieved and overjoyed when she was finally kicked out because if not, I would have gone to Chicago and strangled her myself.

*CODE BLACK – A medical drama about the E.R. of Angels Memorial Hospital, which is apparently in “code black” almost 300 times a year.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: I’ve never been a big fan of medical dramas. I just tried out this one coz I was bored. Haha! It turned out to be one of the most thrilling and breathtaking dramas ever. It’s also a guaranteed tearjerker.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: Medical dramas don’t get any better than this. And there isn’t too much drama. It really focuses on the “medical” part more.
WHAT IRKS ME ABOUT IT: Well, of course, there are some irksome characters – most of them are obstinate and unreasonable patients. And that one female doctor that I shall not name. Her self-righteousness is too much and too annoying.

*CRIMINAL MINDS – It’s basically about the different cases taken by the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: It’s been 11 years and it’s still my favorite crime drama. It never fails to surprise and amaze me. Interesting characters, shocking revelations and suspense-filled cases = action-packed episodes.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: If you’re into crime/police drama, then try this. It has all the right ingredients of a perfect crime drama.
WHAT IRKS ME ABOUT IT: Nothing. I just love this show.

*GRIMM – An action-packed and suspense-filled twist on the Grimm Brothers’ classic fairy tales, in modern day Ohio.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: David Giuntoli is damn hot. The plot is exciting and riveting. I look forward to the “monsters” introduced in every episode.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: It’s a progressive show with lots of twists and turns. It will leave you on the edge of your seat.
WHAT IRKS ME ABOUT IT: Let’s just say there are some ridiculous and far-fetched ideas and episodes here and there, but they were pretty normal and not THAT annoying.

*HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER – Don’t let the title fool you. This is one of the best legal/court/crime drama I’ve seen so far. And to quote abc.com “The brilliant, charismatic and seductive Professor Annalise Keating gets entangled with four law students from her class “How to Get Away with Murder.” Little do they know that they will have to apply what they learned to real life, in this masterful, sexy, suspense-driven legal thriller”.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: I usually don’t like legal or court dramas coz I thought they were boring and complicated. But this one is just off the hook! Every episode will leave you wanting more.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH IT: You think you have it figured out, but you don’t. It’s full of shocking and WTF-inducing revelations.
WHAT IRKS ME ABOUT IT: EMILY EFFING SINCLAIR. You wouldn’t believe how much I wanted to kill that bitch. Like, seriously. Kudos to the actress who played this eternally annoying character. She really did a great job. I had never hated a character the way I hated this bitch.

*IZOMBIE – Liv Moore was living her life peacefully – she has everything going on for her – a decent job, a wonderful family, a cool BFF and a gorgeous fiance.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: I was already hooked on The Walking Dead when this show started airing, so I actually didn’t pay much attention to it even though I love zombie stuff. My younger bro highly recommended it, and we have pretty much the same taste in TV shows, so I gave it a shot. I totally loved it even before the first episode ended.The story isn’t that strong or unique, it’s pretty trite, but the characters make it work. They’ve definitely chosen the perfect cast here.
Well, if you’re into zombie flicks and apocalyptic stuff, then this one’s right up your alley. It’s fresh, exciting, hilarious and full of eye candies. AND you have got to watch out for the ingenious and creative way in which Liv “incorporates” human brain into her yummy-looking recipes in every episode.
So far, I love everything about this show. Well, except for Lowell getting killed. 😦

– Jane Gloriana Villanueva is an aspiring writer who is a devout Catholic and who is saving herself for her wedding night. She has a good life – she works in a luxurious hotel with her best friend, she has a handsome and decent fiance, she has a loving family – her mom and her “abuela”… until she gets accidentally artificially inseminated. That’s when the fun part starts.
WHY I’M WATCHING IT: At first, it seemed ridiculous. I think I was bored at that time and I was just watching almost ALL the new shows. I’ve abandoned some of those shows, but this one’s power over me was stronger. It has all the right ingredients for the perfect TV show: drama, comedy, romance, a bit of suspense, a bit of action, amusing and interesting characters and values. Yes, that’s right. It teaches about family and life, in general. It’s not just another romantic-comedy show. 
And I quote myself, “It has all the right ingredients for the perfect TV show: drama, comedy, romance, a bit of suspense, a bit of action, amusing and interesting characters and values. Yes, that’s right. It teaches about family and life, in general. It’s not just another romantic-comedy show.”
At first, Petra got on my nerves, but she’s tolerable now. I can now understand why she did the things that she did on the first season. And I’m sorry, but I really don’t like Rafael. Okay, I was only attracted to him at first. As time went by, I jumped ship and went over to #TeamMichael. I’m still on that ship and I don’t think I would ever go back to#TeamRafael. I just don’t like the guy.

Nope, that’s not IT.

There’s more! There will be a “PART 2” of this blog post. I didn’t want to write a lengthy post that would make your eyes (and my fingers) hurt. So yeah, check out part 2 soon!



Movie VS. Book: The Lovely Bones


After I finished reading The Lovely Bones novel by Alice Sebold, I immediately watched the movie version. Since I’m not really keen on comparing books and movies, I would like to mention a few things that I noticed… or didn’t quite like… or liked too much, for that matter. I guess watching the movie while the book is still fresh on my mind had its perks but it was mostly unfavorable. For instance, I became one of those disgruntled ‘the-book-was-so-much-better’ fans who would notice every little detail and complain about it.

To put it simply, I thought the movie would’ve been better if they didn’t change A LOT of the details. As someone who read the book, I felt like there was something MISSING. Actually, the movie was lacking. It was kinda butchered… no pun intended, since we all know what happened to Susie Salmon. ^_^;; ANYWAY… I felt like they should have included THIS and THAT… I was questioning why THIS character or that scene was not in the movie. I was so meticulous when it comes to the characters because I felt a sort of connection to each and everyone of them. From Susie to Grandma Lynn to Ruana Singh and even to Hal Heckler. I felt like all the characters from the book NEEDED to be in the movie. They were all part of it, no matter how minor their part seemed to be. The scene where the people from the neighborhood, from school and Susie’s family gathered at the cornfield on the anniversary of her death was just touching. I would’ve LOVED to see that in the movie.


The movie was fast-paced while the book was the opposite. There was no specific timeline in the movie coz everything was a blur, whereas in the book you could feel the days, months and years passing by. You could feel the characters getting older and slowly, painstakingly, moving on with their lives. Of course the book was draggy but it wasn’t completely boring for me. It was one of those books that I’d get lost in while reading. The movie wasn’t as compelling as the book; although there were some really beautiful scenes.



In particular, I’d have to say they did a fantastic job in the Susie-looking-over-earth-while-she’s-in-the-in-between part. I couldn’t quite imagine that while reading the book. I thought Susie would just be in the same room or place as the person she’s watching and she’d be invisible, like an apparition or something. Len and Abigail’s secret affair was only slightly implied. You wouldn’t even notice it if you don’t pay that much attention. I would’ve given everything to see Hal Heckler and Ruana Singh. I was hoping to see more of Lindsey and Samuel – from the awkward stage to the lovey-dovey stage. I didn’t feel Lindsey growing up or maturing during the film. Yes, she changed her clothes, put on some makeup and had a boyfriend… but you could actually feel her maturity in the book. I have nothing against the actress though, she was the perfect Lindsey. I was anticipating the scene where Ray Singh became the first suspect. I thought that was a vital part of the plot, but when I saw his love note getting blown away into Ruth’s hands, I already knew that they changed something. The terror induced by the crime in their neighborhood and the whole school, the police cars patrolling and questioning people, knocking on every door… there was none of that. If there was, it was not enough. 😦 Moreover, where’s the friggin’ elbow? Susie’s elbow! It was supposed to be something that would induce fear among the people in the neighborhood and devastation in her family…


The cornfield scene was terrifying though, thanks to Stanley Tucci‘s superb acting as Mr. Harvey. I liked it every time they did a closeup on his eyes and you could actually feel the ‘lust’ and see the horrifying monster inside him.

Actually, if you see the movie as a normal person (LOL), I mean, without reading the book, you would like it. I would’ve. The movie stands alone so even if you didn’t read the book, you won’t get lost or confused in any way. It was a lovely movie, to say the least. It was a complete package and it would really move you to tears. The book was frustrating and simply depressing but the movie was enjoyable (in a melancholic way) and it was very touching.


The best scene for me was when Lindsey broke into Mr. Harvey’s house. The suspense was just too much! I felt like I was Susie and I was watching my sister as she scavenge my murderer’s house for proof, just so our dad would not be seen as a mad man. I was holding my breath while watching that and I was screaming for her to run for her life. Haha. Of course I knew she wouldn’t get caught but still… 🙂

Actually, the changes they made in the movie were necessary to make it a complete different version from the book. The turn/chain of events, the climax, the characters  – everything felt different. It wasn’t like watching a movie adaptation, it was like watching something roughly based on the book. Not that I’m complaining. I guess the actors did a brilliant job in portraying the characters that I’m willing to forgive and forget what the movie lacks.


I hated Susie’s mother. She was my least fave character from the book or the movie. I mean, your daughter just died, your husband’s going mad and the whole family is breaking apart and your solution is to RUN AWAY?! Seriously, dude. That was some selfish bitch act. If I was Lindsey I wouldn’t have accepted her easily when she came back. I’m sorry but I couldn’t understand people like her. Sure, this was NOT the life that she wanted in the first place but IT HAPPENED. Shit happens. And it was nobody’s fault, yes. Nobody should be blamed for whatever transpired. But as a mother, she should be the one helping her family cope up with this. Not running away to another man’s arms and abandoning your family like that is not gonna help. I know that a death in the family would either bring the family together or break it apart, but she selfishly demolished her family for her own good. I would understand if she just wanted to take some time away to clear her head, forget about things and move on. But she just ran off to some place without any explanation to her kids. Sorry but I had no sympathy for her. Even after she came back, I still despised her. >_<

The movie wasn’t really disappointing because it did have its own charms and I saw it as something different from the book. But of course the book is better. The book will always be better. 🙂


So I’ve been listening nonstop to One Direction‘s Take Me Home album ever since it was released.

I never thought I would go crazy over a foreign boy band again, much more a British one. I actually tried to avoid this group at first. Even though almost all my friends are pushing me to check them out and they were all blabbering about them, I still didn’t budge. Of course I did like ‘What makes you beautiful’, I mean, that is like the anthem of all the girls in the world. However, my interest eventually waned out. I did download some of their songs like ‘Taken’,Gotta be you‘, ‘More than this‘, ‘Save you tonight‘ and ‘Na na na‘. Those that my friends recommended or I’ve come across on the Internet while I’m bored or something. Then there’s ‘Up All Night‘ and ‘One Thing‘. That’s when I realized their songs are actually good. But still, I kinda thought they were one of those groups who all have good-looking members but only two of them can actually sing. OR they can all sing but only two of them are ALLOWED to sing. LOL.

Anyway, since I’m still obsessing over my K-POP fandom at that time, I still didn’t have the energy to be a REAL FAN of One Direction. I initially liked Louis Tomlinson and I kinda researched him, saved some pics, followed him on Twitter. But that’s it. I just heard some news and tidbits of info about them from my fangirl friends every now and then. It’s not like I’m completely uninterested but I kinda thought they’re gonna be this short-lived sensation or something like a three-to-five-hit-wonder.

Enter One Direction‘s new album ‘Take Me Home‘. I was still doubtful about it at first. But then my friends and I spent a whole weekend singing and dancing along to their single ‘Live While We’re Young‘. We also made this crazy video reaction to their ‘Little Things‘ music video. That’s when I’ve realized I’m really starting to like these Brit dudes.

I’m not really an expert when it comes to music reviews. My taste in music is extremely flexible. I can’t even tell what my standards are or how I gauge a particular song. Sometimes it’s the melody, sometimes it’s the beat or rhythm… most of the times it’s the lyrics. I don’t have a particular genre that I’m more inclined to listen to as well.

Moving on, here are my fangirl reactions/ reviews to the songs in One Direction‘s Take Me Home album. ^^

1. Live While We’re Young – If there’s an award that should be given to One Direction, it should be the ‘Anthem Maker Award’. Like their hit What Makes You Beautiful, this one is an anthem for all the youngsters, tweens, teenagers, in-betweeners and even the young at heart. It has a similar feel to ‘Up All Night’ but I like this one better. It just tells us to “screw those grown ups and live life to the fullest”.

2. Kiss You – I don’t care if it’s in a public or crowded area, if this song starts playing I would jump and dance around like a demented woman. LOL. From the moment Malik sang the first verse, I was instantly banging my head crazily and making up insane choreography. It’s a great song to start your day and uplift your mood. I can so imagine the boys jumping around and just dancing around in the MV.

3. Little Things – Another anthem for the romantic ones. The lyrics would just shoot right through your heart and melt your soul. This is the kind of song that would make me fall head over heels in love with a guy. I dunno how they do it but I think every normal girl in the world could totally relate with at least one or two lines in the lyrics. I was definitely able to relate to 5 lines in it. ^^ My friends and I totally had fun mimicking Louis’s thick British accent while he was singing the ‘cup of tea’ part. XD But I totally adore Liam’s and Harry’s lines.

“I know you’ve never loved the crinkles by your eyes… when you smile… You’ve never loved your stomach or your thighs, the dimples in your back at the bottom of your spine, but I’ll love them endlessly~”

“I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape, you’ve never want to know how much you weigh. You still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you’re perfect to me~”

4. C’mon C’mon – I love all the songs in the album but of course there would be some songs that I’d love more than the others. This one is kinda in the bottom. Don’t get me wrong. I liked it when I first listened to it. The story that the lyrics tell is actually pretty thoughtful and sweet. Zayn’s and Harry’s powerful voices are manifested in this song and I like that. It’s just that… I can put the others songs on loop and not get tired of it but I kinds skipped this one several times. ^^

5. Last First Kiss – Another song that spells ROMANTIC with a capital R. This song is soooooo sweet and heart-melting that from the moment I heard it I felt shivers and goosebumps all over. The blend of the boys’ voices plus the sweet melody and of course the lovely lyrics just made it the most perfect couple song ever. I would DIE if my boyfriend sings this to me. But of course it’s even better if One Direction sings it to me though. Hehehe. Plus, I just love it when Zayn and Harry hit the high notes. 😀

6. Heart Attack – A chillaxing song about a terrible break-up. I actually liked this song so much because of the beat and the rhythm. If you just listened to it without understanding the lyrics, you’d think it’s a happy song about random stuff under the sun. But it’s actually about moving on from a break-up. Maybe that’s what the boys were going for though – an ironic song about love. It’s a wonderful song to listen to if you’re feeling exhausted or depressed in your everyday life. Just ignore the lyrics though. ^^

7. Rock Me – This is the ‘We Will Rock You‘ song. The beat would definitely remind you of that song and it would stick to your head. I like the “R-O-C-K me again” part. It’s kinda addictive to listen and sing along to this song.

8. Change My Mind – This song caught my attention at first because of the fact that Louis sang the first verse. That is quite an achievement I think coz Louis never had more than two lines in the past. LOL. Much more sing the first few lines in a song. I actually like his voice, not just coz he’s my bias, but coz it has that distinct quality. I could easily tell if it was him singing. 😀 This is my fave out of all the ballads. It used to be ‘Last First Kiss’ but the more I listened to this, the more I loved it. I especially liked Zayn and Harry’s parts. Their voices are just mind blowing.

“Never felt like this befo~ore…
Are we friends or are we mo~re…
As I’m walking t’wards the do~or…
I’m not sure…”

9. I Would – Another fun and exciting song to listen and sing along to. I absolutely adore the lyrics and rhythm of this song. It’s very playful and kinda cute. Listening to it would always make me smile like a fool. It kinds reminds me of my teenage years. Those were the days. *sighs* They say that every song has a story to tell. I think this song’s story is very common and something that even guys can relate to. I should emphasize that I absolutely love the bridge part where Louis sings and Zayn hits the high notes. Now who’s got those ’27 tattoos’ that Louis was singing about? LOL.

10. Over Again – Another song that I cannot really relate to but I did enjoy listening to. All thanks to Louis and his ‘showers that are British’. LOL. I find it difficult to sing along to this song but it’s very relaxing to listen to.

11. Back For You – This reminds me of an A1 song… if I’m not mistaken it’s ‘Take On Me‘. The melody at the start really sounds like that song. Hehe. Anyway, this is another one of those songs where I can totally imagine the MV. I kinda see the boys doing some cute hand-gesture-dance in this one – similar to the ‘in betweeners dance’ and the ‘row row row your boat dance’. These boys are just adorable even though they do some stupid and random stuff. Plus Harry’s voice here is just AWESOME.

12. They Don’t Know About Us – My third fave ballad. I’m kinda guessing it’s about one of the boys’ dating experience with another celebrity or singer. I love how honest and sweet the lyrics are. It totally reflects one of their past (or maybe present ^^) relationship. I could so imagine the MV and Harry would be the lead actor. Haha. Maybe it’s about Harry and Taylor Swift. LOL. I just love how a song like this got to me when I haven’t really experienced anything like this.

13. Summer Love – I can only say one thing about this song. It sounds like a Blue song. Or, like what my friend said, it sounds like a song that features Justin Timberlake. ^^ It has that groovy, club-ish feel to it. Something you’d hear playing in a club or a bar.

I really love this album. It’s as simple as that. It’s been a while since I actually listened to and liked a FULL English album. I’ve been into K-POP for more than four years now that I forgot how it feels like to sing along to English songs and actually understand what I’m singing about. It feels fantastic. Music like this makes me feel alive… wild, young and free.

So yeah, let’s live while we’re young! ^-^

[Review] The Wednesday Wars by Gary D. Schmidt

If you didn’t enjoy reading this awesome book … you are a PIED NINNY. >:) It’s been a while since I read a simple book with a ‘feel good’ story, moving characters, witty humor & sarcasm, inspiring characters with some great twists and turns. It actually made me cry and laugh, and feel ashamed, and then laugh again, and feel melancholy and laugh again and feel sympathy and then laugh again. This book totally deserves a MOVIE. A great adaptation. I can totally imagine the scenes and the characters while reading it, as if I was actually watching it on the big screen. Moreover, if The Diary of a Wimpy Kid made it to the big screen, then this one totally deserves it!

Source: booksobsession.blogspot.com

Holling Hoodhood is one of the best protagonists I’ve come to know so far. Even better than Harry Potter. Although we have nothing in common and I couldn’t really relate to whatever he’s going through or what sort of emotions a 13-year-old like him could possibly harbor, I was able to relate to him… in a way. It’s like seeing another you. A different you. I sympathized with him. I understood every single emotion he had. I laughed and cried with him. I even felt humiliated for him when I thought about how horrifying those yellow tights with feathers on the — must’ve been… ^^ He was a fun character to read. No stupid mumbo jumbo, no hiding behind fake masks, no overflowing and exaggerated emotions – just a simple kid. My fave Holling moment would be the one with his sister – the whole Western Union and bus station thing. I didn’t realize I was already crying and laughing and smiling all at the same time.

I like Danny Hupfer too. He’s sort of like that annoying jerk in class who’d surprise you with his inner charm and kindness. I was so touched during that whole Mickey Mantle thing. The other characters are likeable and quite interesting too. It’s not like other books where the minor characters would either annoy you or bore you to death. Actually, that’s one of the reasons I like this book. You’ll get to know each character well without reading a whole chapter or at least a dozen pages about their boring and nonsensical lives. Each character, no matter how minor, has a story. Mr. Goldman and his light, fresh, brown cream puffs… Mr. Vendleri and his asbestos tiles… Mrs. Bigio and her Lunch Surprises… Doug and his 410 ways to annoy a teacher… Holling’s sister and her fight for civil rights and equality… Meryl Lee and her hidden affection for Holling… even Holling’s parents despite their being, well, so parent-ish. XD I’m telling you, I have never enjoyed all characters in one book this much!

I especially like the bits about Shakespeare and his works. How a 13-year-old boy like Holling analyzes it and gives his thoughts about it. Honestly, I’ve NEVER read a Shakespeare novel – NOT one single novel. I know. Lame, right? I just… I’ve never been a big fan of classic stuff with obsolete words and language that I probably won’t understand even if I tried. So I love how some of Shakespeare’s famous works were briefly discussed and summarized here. It was intricately mixed into each chapter and sprinkled with humor, wit and sarcasm here and there… so as not to make it draggy or boring. I never would’ve known anything about Caliban from The Tempest and his colorful curses. ^^

The story is set in the 1960s during the American-Vietnam War so there were some historical stuff here and there. But even that didn’t bore me at all. Important figures like Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. were also important characters in the story.

I think the thing that I love the most here is how simple and creative the writing style is. It’s easy enough for a middle-schooler to understand, yet not too childish for, well, adults like me. ^^

I’m glad I started reading this novel. I’ll probably read the next one too – OKAY FOR NOW – in which Doug is the protagonist. And I will definitely enjoy it. Lastly, if you’re not amused with this wonderful novel… well, here’s what I gotta say: TOADS, BEETLES and BATS you PIED NINNY! ^__^

The Mortal Instruments 3: City of Glass

YES! I’m finally done! This was probably the most enjoyable one, compared to the other two. Mainly coz of all the Magnus-Alec thingy… ^^ And of course I like the fact that every character grows (matures?) with every book. The fact that there is a terrible war just round the corner made it even more compelling. It was definitely a page-turner. In fact, there was never a boring time. Well, okay, except during those repetitive, annoyingly predictable and ho-hum-ish Clary-Jace-Romeo&Juliet-moments… I stopped getting amused or even at least excited whenever they play their ‘poor-us-we-love-each-other-but-we’re-siblings’ or their ‘you-and-me-against-the-world’ card. I think I’ve seen enough Asian dramas with the same plot to last me a lifetime…

The suspense as to how, when, where and what’s gonna happen when Valentine resurfaces with his army of demons and how the plot was built around constant fear and alertness among Shadowhunters & Downworlders alike, was extremely riveting. Moreover, I like how everything was FINALLY explained here. Right from the start. It left no more queries or confusion in my mind. The minor love stories were weaved in between some major plot lines, just to give the readers a quick breath of fresh air or something… I guess. I mean, there was a point when all hope seemed to be lost and I was getting more and more frustrated. Magnus and Alec reeled me back to life and helped me carry on reading. ^^

The deaths in the story was… TOO heartbreaking for me to even think about them again. T_____T

The best part of the story was probably the bit about SEBASTIAN. I kinda suspected him at first… but I wasn’t entirely sure since I couldn’t figure out where he fits in the story. Although, halfway through book two, I was already kinda thinking that Jace & Clary might not REALLY be siblings after all. I mean, how could the story go on if they’re pining and whining after each other when it’s forbidden (and extremely incestuous, might I add XD)… so yeah, that part I kinda had it all figured out. And I’m so glad I did.

My fave part is a NO BRAINER. Of course it’s when Alec suddenly kissed Magnus in the middle of the Accords Hall – right in front of his family and ALL those Shadowhunters and Downworlders! I can so imagine that moment and I can’t wait to see that in the movie!!! 😀

^ source: fuckyeahmortalinstruments.tumblr.com

Simon and Luke are still my fave characters so far… my slight annoyance with Jace during the last book was gone by the time I finished this one. Glad he came back to his senses and eventually pulled through. ^^ And can I just say, I wanna go to IDRIS!!! ^^

But now that Valentine’s gone… and everything seems to be fine and dandy between Shadowhunters and Downworlders alike… what’s next? I’m kinda thinking Sebastian might still be alive and he’ll continue his father’s evil plans, with ten times EVIL in it… Or there might be another war between Shadowhunters and Downworlders because of… something. XD

I need to get my hands on the FOURTH BOOK now. ^^

~Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen~

ImageIt’s always pleasurable to read Godbersen’s books. She has that unique style of writing and story-telling that makes every character, every scenery, every setting and every moment jump out of life. I just love the way she describes people, places and things. It’s very imaginative and incredibly vivid. I read The Luxe before but I liked this story better. I guess I was smitten by the “Romeo & Juliet-ish” twist to the plot as well as the predictability of some characters. This is the type of story wherein you couldn’t really relate to any of the main characters but you still feel empathy towards them. You can almost feel their emotions surging through as if they were yours. I personally liked the story of friendship between Cordelia and Letty – how these two country bumpkins stepped out of their comfort zone and bravely took on the challenge of living in the big city. They both experienced happiness, success, fame, love and failure but in the end, they still ended up together as they share their agony and heartaches.


Astrid is one delightful character for me. She surprises me the most. Although the last part of the book was sort of “I saw that coming”, I think she still has some sort of facade that she’s concealing pretty well. Charlie is a bastard but I like him out of all the boys too (although Thom Hale & Luke were the ones who induced girlish squeaks of excitement from me ^^). I just like Charlie’s dignity and how protective he is of his family. He may be a player but I think he really loves Astrid. I was a bit annoyed at Letty during about 60% of the book. I just don’t like her irritatingly innocent & naive personality. She makes me wanna roll my eyes several times. But I guess she learned her lesson at the end.


The death at the end was quite unexpected although I’ve been apprehensive of the events that followed afterwards. I kinda saw it coming too. Like deja vu. It didn’t ruin my excitement upon reading it though. It was a compelling and fun read. I like the fact that on the surface it seemed to be the success and sob stories of the three girls when I kinda see it as the story of rival families and the desire to grab the upper tier of the society mingled with complicated love affairs, nasty secrets, friendship, broken dreams and promises, and family relationships. It was like a complete set of meal and I couldn’t ask for more. ^.^ A must-read for hopeless romantics like me~ 

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~Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick~

I thought this book was safe from the “BELLA CURSE” a.k.a. the infuriatingly annoying female character curse. Turns out it wasn’t. I wasn’t even halfway through the book when I started thinking… “What the heck happened here???” Hush hush was such an amazing book, with almost realistic and like-able characters. But this follow-up just screwed up most of the reality that I want.









Okay, so I can understand how unstable and emotional girls can be… but REALLY??? Like, REALLY? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t THAT moody. And that’s saying something because I’m extremely MOODY. The story’s interesting alright. It’s a page-turner and most of the revelations were pretty much mind-boggling. But there were more irritating and ‘skip-able’ parts here and there. It makes it almost unbearable to continue to the next chapter.


It makes me sad to see Nora transform into this Bella-ish character who cannot make up her mind and who’s becoming more and more self-centered. First she loves Patch, then she hates him. Next thing we know she breaks up with him, then she wants him back, then she pushes him away, then she tries to get his attention, then she ignores him, then she craves for his kisses & hugs, then when he comes knocking on her door, she literally kicks him out. What.the.heck. Nobody changes their mind THAT often. She’s like a whirlpool of emotions. It made the story draggy and almost too intolerable to peruse. I couldn’t understand why she lets her pride and emotions get in the way ALL THE TIME. Once or twice is okay, but, really, ALL THE TIME??? I almost feel bad for Patch even though he did have his ‘cold-hearted jerk’ moments. But I honestly believe there was a reason for everything, with him dating Marcie and being secretive and all that. I just couldn’t quite put my finger to it.


That’s probably the only reason I continued reading this book. It sparked up my curiosity. I keep on thinking about the possibilities but it was too difficult for me to keep on guessing. The author made a great job of hiding the facts in plain view and yet… making it seem like there’s more to it than that. I never would’ve guessed what happened in the end. I kept on visualizing a different ending. NOW I really have to read the next book ASAP to avoid getting confused with the facts and info and reviewing the story all over again.


All in all, it was a fun and exciting read. Mostly because of the hilarious & bubbly BFF, Vee and the HOT, bad dude,  Nephillim Scott Parnell. 😀


I’d give it three out of five stars though since I didn’t quite enjoy the whiny, oh-woeful-me, attention-seeking lead character.

~Music Radar: Dance to the beat of N.Sonic~

Okay. Since I love music and I just like listening to all sorts of music (well, except jazz and classical XD) I will start this music-recommendation-thingy which I call the “MUSIC RADAR”. I’ll be recommending not just the popular songs and albums…

TO BE FAIR, I’ll try to listen to some indie, upcoming, underground artists and groups as well. I promise NOT to focus on KPOP. AND… I solemnly swear that I will give my honest opinion and will not be so biased. Unless… my biases REALLY deserve to be in my MUSIC RADAR. 😀

I’ll start off with this Kpop boy group N.Sonic. I just saw their album at KPOP7.com where I usually download the latest KPOP albums… and I thought they’re like a hip-hop duo or trio… I listened to their songs and instantly LOVE all four of them due to the smooth and relaxing melody and groovy beats.

Track 1 – N. Sonic is sort of like a combination of urban, pop and  hip-hop. It’s my fave track. Track 2 – Super Boy, this one I can dance to. It’s more upbeat and less hip-hop than Track 1 and it kinda reminds me of a Billy Crawford song. They kinda mellowed down with Track 3, something you’d dance to with your special someone in a club, while Track 4 – Never Stop is something that I can bob my head and raise my hands up to. 😀

I don’t know anything about this group coz I didn’t Google them AND I’d like to keep it that way. ^^ I dunno but I like them for their music and I have no intention of getting to know them na. 😀 Just strictly music.

Check em out~ 


“It’s exhilarating, Abbey. You exhilarate me” ~ Caspian, The Haunted

Ever since the Harry Potter series ended, I’ve never been attached to any book trilogies or series. Well, I THOUGHT I’d never get hooked again. But then there’s Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl’s fantastic trilogy, Beautiful CreaturesBeautiful Darkness– ??? Yeah, I dunno the third book’s title yet. ^^ I loved it from start to finish and I just can’t hardly wait for the third installment.

So I started reading Jessica Verday’s THE HOLLOW. Then went on to read THE HAUNTED. It took me about two and a half months to finish them. And I can say it was well worth my time.  I don’t really plan on making a long-ass review here. I just want to share my thoughts about these wonderful reads.

I liked The Hollow due to the simple fact that it was refreshing and unique as compared to the current craze over sparkling vampires with bad attitudes or hot-tempered fallen angels. There are no werewolves or wizards here either. Just a simple dead boy who is haunting the haunted village of Sleepy Hollow. 😀

From the start, Caspian had been nothing but nice, sweet, kind and a true gentleman. Although he has his ‘moments of teenage angst‘, he never showed it to Abbey. I think my problem with the first book was Abbey’s ‘pity-me-my-bff-died-its-all-my-fault-i-shouldn’t-be-happy-i-should-forever-be-emo’ attitude. With the first few chapters it was okay. Tolerable, to say the least. But as I read more of her outbursts and crazy wild emo moments, I got more and more irked. Okay, I know how she feels. I lost someone too. Been there done that. But it was just… I dunno… sometimes it feels like she’s being TOO emotional and she’s overreacting.

Anyway, although there were lots of loopholes and WTF moments in The Hollow, especially when my suspicions about Caspian were right, some of them were thoroughly explained in the second book– The Haunted.

I still don’t get Nikolas and Katy though. I KNOW. They’re Shades or whatever, but their connection to the legend of Sleepy Hollow is just– WTF. ~__~

The things that didn’t make sense in The Hollow were finally explained in The Haunted which made it a compelling read. With every page I  get awed by Caspian’s sweetness and I get enlightened by the revelations. ^^

What set Caspian apart from the other ‘lead guys’ in fiction novels is the fact that he’s just a boy. Who died, yeah. But his being separated from his physical body didn’t stop his heart from beating. It didn’t stop him from falling in love with Abbey. And that makes it more interesting and special.

He has his flaws, yes, but that’s what makes him more gorgeous. He’s NOT perfect. It’s just like having a normal teenage boy as your  boyfriend. Only he’s dead. XD But I think he’s so much better than most kids his age who are ill-mannered, bad-tempered and who thinks of nothing but doing ‘THAT’.

Another thing about The Haunted is that it stands well alone. I think even if I wasn’t able to read book one, I won’t be lost upon reading this. All the important facts and events in book one were recalled and well expounded in book two. Although the author might’ve missed a few issues here and there –like what the hell is Nikolas and Katy REALLY??? Or what is Ben supposed to be– the dead bff’s secret admirer, the unofficial other guy or just Abbey’s friend? Why was Caspian chosen as a shade? Or rather, how did he become a shade?

I dunno. I don’t really nitpick when it comes to the books I read. Unless there’s really A LOT to nitpick on. XD I try to put myself in the author’s shoes, being a writer myself… ^^

Anyway, although I sympathize a little with Ben– the unofficial other guy– I still love Caspian to death. Okay, no PUN intended. XP He’s just the best dead boyfriend ever.  He understands Abbey’s shortcomings and unreasonable emotional outbursts and he really cherishes her so much. I mean, let’s face it. The way I imagined Abbey, she’s not THAT pretty. I bet she’s more on the average-looking side. Not the head-turner type. I really like how deep and passionate their love for each other is despite their young age.

I still don’t get how this story’s gonna end though… ^_^;; I mean, okay, so Vincent Drake doesn’t want Abbey to die coz he doesn’t want her and Caspian to be ‘whole/complete’– but WHY??? And what’s up with those creepy revenants anyway? Why should the living half die as well…? Are they really trying to help?  Can’t the living half and dead half be together as it is? *sighs* I need the third book NAO! >_<

AND can I just say that IF EVER there is  a movie adaptation, this person should TOTALLY be Caspian. 😀

Tom to tom tom ~ Tom tom ~~~


Exactly my thoughts. ^^

Ok. So I’m not a BIG fan of Park Bom… I used to think she ROCKS because she can belt out any tune with such little effort… But when she became a part of 2NE1… something changed. Well… it’s not just about her voice quality… It’s more like her FACE totally changed. She got surgery… I think botox… and some lip plumping thingy… There was a time when just looking at her is too painful… I don’t know what’s wrong with her face, but there was DEFINITELY something WRONG.
-__- It’ s like she couldn’t open her mouth properly or something… ANYWAY, she went solo with YOU AND I a few months back and I totally loved it. I though, WOW… I never thought I’d love her voice again. 🙂

 The song really fits her vocal range. It brought out the best of her singing skills without overdoing it or something. Although her voice’s distinctive sound– the belt-it-out-ear-piercing-sort-of-iffy sound that only she can create XD —  I don’t get tired of hearing it… Unlike with other singers whose voices are amazing/ awesome but you get tired (or irked) easily if you hear it often…

Now, Park Bom is back with Don’t Cry– another sure hit produced by the one and only TEDDY of 1TYM. The moment I heard it I was like WOAH! It’s very catchy and it has that TRADEMARK Bom sound… I can’t explain it but it’s the right song for the right voice and the right image (that she portrays… )^^ It’s just PERFECT for her. Teddy boy indeed knows who can sing his composition BEST. :))) I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love the other 2NE1 members, although they’re getting OUT OF REACH nowadays because of some stupid YG rule or law or whatever.. ANYWAY, they can all sing… well, except for Dara… *lols* BUT Bom is the only one who can belt out this tune. That’s for sure. ^___^

I just love the mix of her ear-piercing vocals with the beautiful and upbeat melody and the lovely beats. I bet they lyrics are good too. But I haven’t googled it yet.

This review by allkpop shared my views about this wonderful song. ^^ http://www.allkpop.com/2011/05/review-dont-cry-by-park-bom

And of course, here’s the song… I prefer the ACOUSTIC version. ❤